Monday, August 2, 2021

People Change but Memories Are Forever!!!!

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Most of the time, we do not realize the worth of people when they are with us, and by the time we realize their worth and their essence in our lives, it is almost always too late!

People Change but Memories Are Forever!!!! 1
Years back, you opened the door of my heart
It gave me life and a new way to start.
Sun rose, winds blew life became a bed of flowers
You held my hand and took me to the stars.
You kept me the way no one could
When lost in the dark beside me, you stood.
Where girls are kept like a princess, you treated me like a queen
Ignored my harsh words yet accepted a heart pure and clean.
Those days my life was no less than a fairytale.
No WhatsApp, no Facebook, just those romantic emails.
No personal cells still the long telephonic talks
Just planning about candlelight dinners and beachside walks.
Months passed, I made mistakes millions and one.
You gave me a smile which weighed even more than a ton.
Immature was my love, which I failed to express.
Whenever I tried to make it, your day instead gave you stress.
Finally grew the blind trust, and I realized your worth
Love so honest and true couldn’t find on the entire earth.
The day I did extend my hand, your patience had gone
I couldn’t get a better punishment than to cry alone !!!!

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