Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Poetry: Bright Young Things

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Nupur Chowdhury
An eccentric writer of quirky tales, who likes reading, writing, talking, shopping and singing tunelessly in the shower.

A poem about the arrogance of youth, the vitality and the certainty that the world is ours for the taking, if only we could burn bright enough!

Poetry: Bright Young Things 1

Livewire, raging fire,

Sparks flying everywhere;

Burn in the flames of caustic desire,

Tell the truth, risk a dare.


We’re the Princes of the universe,

Born to rule, born to pave the way;

For the millions that come after,

In our hands shall they sceptre sway.


We’re the future of the race,

Burning brighter than rocket flame;

Racing to the top, masters of the game,

The pinnacle of the food chain.


We play the music of purgatory,

Dance to the tunes of hellfire;

Fighting tooth and nail to win an unwinnable game,

Burn to the music of common fire.


We’re the Princes of the universe,

Born to rule, born to save the day;

Drowning in kaleidoscope visions of love and hate,

Our eyes all futures await.


We’re the predators and the prey,

The darkness before first light;

We haunt the dreams of Kings and slaves

Of dark and luminous minds.


We’re the Princes of the universe,

Born to die in glorious wars;

Born of the flicker of a candle that

Obscured the solar mark.

Poetry: Bright Young Things 2

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