Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Poetry: The Magazine Girl

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Nupur Chowdhury
An eccentric writer of quirky tales, who likes reading, writing, talking, shopping and singing tunelessly in the shower.

A poem on the consequences of the modern ‘celebrity culture’ where stars rise and fall like waves in an ocean of uncertainty. Stardom can be as corrosive to the soul as it is addictive to ones ego.

Poetry: The Magazine Girl 1

There’s this girl in the magazine,

Smiling up through the glossy sheen

Of florid pages in the illustrious publication,

Barely into adulthood, touching the heights of acclamation.


Perfect hair, each strand in place,

Vibrant eyes, through prismatic lenses, gaze

Out into a world of lights and stars,

Of dazzling flashes and airbrushed scars.


Designer labels adorn the hourglass frame,

Stiletto heels tread with careless grace,

All eyes transfix – with envy or desire,

In all hearts ignites an unquenchable fire.


Pretty as a picture, devilish perfection;

Inspiring love and hatred, with equal elation…

But in hesitant dreams of a different world,

She’d trade for a private love, all public adoration.

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