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Haunting First Love

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What Is Love?

Love is one of the most passionate feelings in everyones’ life. There is not a single sentence that could define the whole sense of love. It’s such a divine feeling which can only be experienced but not defined.

 Love can turn a culprit into a soft human. You find beauty in yourself when you start loving someone. Love makes you do stupid things for the one you love. You walk slower when the love of your life is with you.

You wake up in the morning dreaming about your love: and you go to bed with this same thought. You start to write their names across your notebooks and text them again and again. In the winter, on your foggy window glasses, you’ll write their name near yours in the sign of love you’ve drawn.

They will be the reason for your silent smiles. When you walk, when you write, when you read, when you laugh, when you eat, and even when you sleep, their smiling face will be on the screen of your mind. And in your loneliness, their memories will accompany you.

First love
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First love.

It is that time during which your life feels like a fairytale. First love is your first experience of this awesome feeling. The one she loves becomes the most handsome, strong, and the smartest boy she has ever met. And for a boy, his lover is the most loving, beautiful, most intelligent, and pretty girl in this world.

Your ears start to wait impatiently to hear your lovers’ voices, and your eyes start browsing for them. You’ll re-examine the places where you had met your loved one earlier. In every crowded street, buses or any busy mall, you’ll look for them as an FBI officer finding the victim without any GPS or map service. And you start enjoying melodious songs and love every little thing around you.

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Love Can hurt!

But this same wonderful feeling could also give you the memories and pain which no one else could heal. You realize this truth only when you come out from it and understand that you could no longer get it back. Your first love is not only the person who you loved first but also the person to who you’ll always compare everyone. No one else will have that special smell that brings back those thousand memories.

You may want to text them, but then you remember you both don’t talk anymore. You start to lose belief in love which was once the same thing you believed in most because of the same person. You are afraid to love anyone again since you have experienced the real pain of losing. As high you have gone up in your love, that same depth you will have to fall when it’s broken.

Whenever you think about it, you will find tears on your face. No matter how long you have covered, the first love will take over your other beautiful memories whenever you think about the past. Even when you have traveled around the world, those sites where you had found them will make your heart skip a beat. And no matter how hard you try, those feelings will never go away from your heart will haunt you until the last breath in one or another way.

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