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Popular products in the marijuana industry 

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Are you looking to try new and different ways to consume marijuana but have no idea where to start? Have you recently noticed juts how many different products there are on offer in the marijuana market and have no idea how they work?

The marijuana industry is growing by the day. With states all over passing legislation to legalise recreational and medicinal use, more and more people are choosing cannabis over other substances. Marijuana is said to have so many different benefits above and beyond just letting people get high and enjoy themselves. It has so many different uses when it comes to various diseases and disorder and seen it as a wonder drug. Although it’s not a cure it’s a fantastic symptom reliever. 

These days there are so many new and different products on the market, as well as many retailer, both physical and online like, and this is all because of massive technological advances in the world as well as the product becoming legal making research a whole lot easier. If you want to know which products are the most popular, here are a few. 

Dry herb vaporisers

These days may people are concerned about their health and well being and are trying to take big leaps in the right direction in order to be as healthy as they can be. This means that many people are straying away from smoking a traditional joint that can be quite damaging to the lungs and moving more towards products that make use of vapour inhalation instead. Although these are still not fantastic for your lugs, it removes any risk of getting harmful carcinogen building up and damaging the lungs. 

Dry herb vaporisers are exactly what they sound like, they are just like regular vape pens, but instead of using a liquid, they use the herb itself. This is a great way to consume marijuana, not only because it is healthier for you, but also because it is so much more convenient and easier to use. They have become popular because you can easily use them on the go and conceal them as needed. They or incredibly portable and great for anyone. 


Another very popular method of marijuana consumption these days is through edibles. Edibles became popular as a way to consume marijuana without having to inhale it or damage your lung, but nowadays, it is popular because of the different effect it has on the body. When making use of edibles, typically it will take a lot longer to feel anything but when you do, the high will be so much more intense and last a lot longer than if you were smoking it or inhaling it. 

Edibles can come in many forms such as baked goods like cakes and brownies, in candies, in full meals, or even in a drink. The possibilities are endless and it is a great way to consume marijuana discreetly. 

Dab rigs

Similar to bongs, dab rigs are a way to inhale marijuana through vapour. Unlike bongs, they make use of a concentrate like a wax or oil instead of the herb itself. Typically, this can be a bit more expensive but it is a great way to get a much high dosage in one hit or even be able to control your dosage to ensure you aren’t going overboard. 

Dab rigs have only recently become popular but they are only getting more and more popular as the days go by. 


Moving more to the medicinal side of things, if you are looking for a way to get the marijuana into your blood stream as fast as possible, tinctures are the way to go. They are mostly used for medicinal purposes because there is no social element behind it and it just happens very quickly. With a tincture, you place a small drop of a concentrated marijuana oil under the tongue. This is by far the best way to get the fastest action out of your marijuana. This is the biggest reason why is t mostly used to medicinal reasons. 

Custom made bongs

Last but not least we have custom made bongs. We all know what bongs are by now and how they work but now people are starting to customise bongs to their clients liking, coming up with the most luxurious and extravagant ideas possible. Custom made bongs are becoming increasingly popular in the marijuana community as people start to discover different elements of the bongs they like. Custom bongs are typically all hand made and one of a kind, making them that much more special. 

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