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8 Reasons to Be Crazy and ‘Stand up for Your Heart’!

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Anuva Agrawal
As an avid reader, I realise the power of words and here is my attempt to make an impact through the bit of creativity in me. 🙂

Sometimes our hearts call out to us, and we respond t it with ignorance.

You have had enough of it! I might not have a word essay to write, but what you may find here is all that you needed to shrug off the shreds of fear or doubts you had.

Going by the trend of ‘REASONS’, here is a list of 8 reasons to be crazy and follow your heart!

1. Craziness is short-lived! 

Believe it or not, it comes in for a split second. The thought that you want to sign up for piano lessons, start a diet schedule, sketch something like your school days or become a freelance writer! So grab the moment while it still lives.


2. There are no greater fulfillments

Satisfaction comes from within. If you spend even a few minutes doing what you love, it can do wonders for your heart and soul. Remember the last time you had time off from routine and took out your old journal just for the sake of it? Or, take a look at those photos of you playing keyboard on a school show. Doesn’t that soothe you?

So why not take a few minutes and go back to it? Relive the moments, and there would be no greater fulfilment than that.

8 Reasons to Be Crazy and 'Stand up for Your Heart'! 13. Make the most of your spare time

What better could you have done right now? Question yourself. And, make the best of your spare time. Don’t let the passion inside you die.


4. It’s always a win-win
What are you losing? Could you give it a thought? Haven’t we heard the saying that ‘Better regret having done something than not trying’?Just ask that question you had for someone, or introspect for answers you have been looking for within. Do all of it, get clarity, once you sit down to play your favourite musical instrument or battle in your best high school game!

Let yourself free!freepont3

5. This might be your call in Life

Some people have needed years to figure out what they wanted to do in their lives apart from vague goals as to being happy or earning money, and this is how you might figure out the ‘how’ part of things! About the ‘what next’ part of your life!

Pixaranimationstudios6. Crazy is cooler than sane!

Yes, believe it or not! Had it not been for the ‘crazy‘ thought Galileo put forward, we wouldn’t have known that the Earth was round. Remember why you love ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ or ‘Into the Wild’ or any other movie filled with craziness or why the ‘bucket challenge’ went viral.

Just be insane and do it! We all love crazy, don’t we?


7. There isn’t always an ANSWER

If there were answers to everything we do, wouldn’t our lives be governed by algorithms? We are humans, and we aren’t mapping the brain, one of the most intriguing subjects!

Also, unanswered questions lead to wonderful stories…so delve in, gear yourself up to do what you want!


8. WORDS will never be enough 

‘Just do it!’ As the very famous brand quote says. Even while I write this out, to put all my energy into making you realize what your love or passion is in life, this might not be all that will make you pursue it. Above all, you will need to ‘STAND UP FOR YOUR HEART’!


The only thing that will be worth it at the end of the day is the memories you’d make from all your crazy endeavours.

So, go out there, stand up for yourself and get crazy!

About the author

As an avid reader, I realise the power of words and here is my attempt to make an impact through the bit of creativity in me. 🙂

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