6 Reasons Why Delhi University is The Best

6 Reasons Why Delhi University is The Best 1

The University of Delhi is always among the top choices for every student while entering in their college life. You all might be willing to step into the best place and lay a strong foundation for your career ahead. But of course, there must be lots of doubts in your head so here are some interesting reasons advocating the DU life and reassuring you that you have taken the best option.


Ranking and Reputation:

DUThe University of Delhi heads to be the role model of various universities across the country. It is presently ranked as number 6th in all Indian Universities with its strong commitment and excellence in areas of teaching and research. Many of its individual departments are amongst the best in the World. You can surely not deny the importance and reputation you gain being a DU student among your friends and family. You can always flaunt around with the tag and enjoy being in the most reputed University of India.

Brainy lads:

blOnce you are a DU student, you are considered to be one of the most intelligent crowds of the country. Making your way to DU even with sky rocketing cutoffs stands to be a tough job, and if you are one of those lucky ones, then the high tag belongs to you. Its true most of the DUites don’t consider themselves to be brainy even after being in DU but ask the outsiders; they will surely consider you to be brilliant.


Updated to trends:

boysYou can find the DU students always updated with the latest trends from clothes to mobile phones to looks everything. DU stands to the trend setter for other colleges. DU not only has its brainy and creative lads but also the glamorous crowd and the party freaks. So life in DU is the ultimate fun.

Festivals and Exposure:

festDU has so many colleges and the months of January to March are just to enjoy the fest with your favorite stars coming up to different colleges. The cultural events are one of its kinds and you must surely witness them at least for once. Life at DU is not only about lots of fun but also the exposure you get here is life changing. Every week you find a new delegate taking up seminars and workshops and of course, I need not tell you how important it is.

Courses and Faculty:


DU offers a long list of courses in science, commerce, and arts with the world-class faculty. In recent years with changing needs, many new courses have also been introduced so you can imagine the extent of choices you get to match your career needs. Apart from regular courses, many colleges also offer certificate courses in foreign languages, mass media or tourism after the college hours. So you have enough opportunities to get the best in those three years.

Notable Alumni:

aDU has always been on top because of its number of achievements, mostly in the form of its excellent alumni. It has given some notable people who are at the helm in their respective fields like Arun Jaitley(SRCC), Aung San Suu Kyi(LSR), Shahrukh Khan(Hansraj), Siddharth Malhotra(SBS) and much more. So being a part of this great institution will surely boost your career opportunities.

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