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Colombian Women: 19 Useful Tips for Dating Them

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Have you been talking to a woman from Latin American countries or to be specific a Colombian woman in the recent past? Or have you two become close and want to take things to the next level? Well, before you move any forward, you should know certain things about dating Colombian women! So, let’s get started.

1. Appreciate Their Beauty

Like all women, Colombian women love hearing compliments! Do remember that all Colombian women look quite different. Their complexions might differ but mind you, all of them are naturally gifted beauties. So, do not forget to flatter when meeting women, with cheesy comments and compliments.

And if you happen to be an introvert, you surely have to work on your communication skills! Because if you want to make things work, you should have the capability of flattering them.

2. Dress Smart

Colombian Women

Colombian Women are well dressed and are quite a fashionista. They love dressing according to the latest trends and are smart. So, it is quite obvious that they have a thing for well-dressed men. No, nobody is asking you to be a style icon, but you just have to ditch your baggy pants and shirts for something smart like a crisp white shirt and black pants!

And if you are going out on a date night, then you need to be even more cautious of what you are wearing. Remember, your shabby dressing style could turn out to be a huge turn-off and might disrupt your dating life. So, dress smart, okay?

3. They Are Quite Religious

Since in Latin America, the Roman Catholic church is vital; it should not be a surprise that Colombian women are raised to be religious. If you are not that religious, you might have to work on this aspect of your personality!

Colombian women often invite their partners to church masses with them, while even though you may not be that keen to attend the mass, take our advice and just go with her!

And remember, never stop her from attending any religious function or gathering. They may take massive offense to this and can even end everything! Thus, always be respectful to her feelings and faith and never make fun of anything even remotely related to religion.

4. They Know How to Dance!

Like all the Latin Americans, Colombian women know how to shake that booty and make heads turn with their dance moves. You may have to learn a step or two to match their energy. No, I am not asking you to be a professional dancer, just watch some youtube and get a fair idea as to what you are required to do!

A pro tip- Keep your girl closer to your body, as Latinos love seducing their partners through their dance. Well, this is the tip you love the most, don’t you? All in all, learn a few dance moves and then just flatter her with your killer moves. Your dancing skills could help to spice your dating life.

5. They Are Family- Oriented

Colombian Women

Like most Latin American families, Colombian families are too huge and place extreme importance on family values, gathering, and rituals. Colombian women grow up in large, joint families and thus be ready to hear stories about their grandparents, cousins, uncle/aunts, nephews, and nieces!

Colombian women are close to their families, and thus, the way to her heart also goes through the heart of her family members, so be respectful towards her family. Also, since Colombian women are quite family-oriented, they would not take time to make your family theirs! Do not be surprised if she turns out to be your mother’s favorite!

6. They Hate Stereotypes

Do not talk about the usual Colombian culture’s stereotypes. Avoid any reference to Pablo Escobar, drugs, or the series ‘Narcos’ during your date. Colombian women hate these stereotypes about their country. If you want to make her laugh, talk about something ‘funny’ without ‘ offending’ her in any way.

Mind you, any reference to these topics can lead to her walking off the date and making you the laughing stock! Avoid the references to these stereotypes as you might end up offending her and losing the chance for a second date! Be careful.

7. Give Them Attention


Colombian women

Colombian women love attention, so not only on your first date but also on all the dates you have, giving her your entire focus and attention. Pay close attention to small details, observe what she likes and dislikes, listen when she is speaking, do not cut her off while she is talking and the most important thing- Forget about your phone for a while!

Being on your phone or looking disinterested is a huge turn-off, so pay attention to what your girl says! Be the ideal boyfriend.

8. Some Chivalry Please

Do not act like a complete weirdo! Like all women around the globe, Colombian women get flattered by chivalry. So, bring on your gentleman game.

This means no slurping your beer, no burping, or making weird noises with your mouth. This behavior is not all attractive and can cost you the chance of a possible future date!

So, show some chivalry, let your date sit first, no cross-talk, and no immature behavior! Show her that you are a gentleman, and then see the magic happening!

9. They Like to Flirt

Colombians are warm people. If talking feels like just talking to a new friend, you might be off their dating list! Well, you need to spice things a little, maybe give a nice look, flirt a little while staying within your boundaries, gently hold her hand or lightly touch her leg! Who knows, if you are lucky, it might just turn out to be one memorable night!

Remember, to spice your dating life; you need to know the art of flirting. Women love the unexpected compliments, forehead kisses, and hugs from behind. Go ahead, show her that you got the moves, and win her pure, kind heart!

10. Impress Her With Your Spanish

She would be blown over if you learn and speak Spanish to flatter her! I do not expect you to master the language but at least learn some basic words and phrases- we are sure that she will find you cute for attempting to speak her language.

Well, it is also important to be quite careful; mispronunciation can also lead to embarrassment. Be well prepared before the date!

11. Bring Your Funny Side to Display

Colombian women

Women from Colombia are naturally funny! Colombian people are cheerful and humorous. They even like making fun of their misery and misfortune. To impress a Colombian woman, you need to improve your humor game. 

Make her laugh and giggle with your jokes and sense of humor. One thing is for sure that you are going to enjoy the date a lot as she surely knows how to tickle your funnybones. 

12. Be Punctual

Reach on the decided spot on time, and don’t be late. But, do not expect the same from here. Colombians are not that punctual and often land in hot waters for this topic.

You also need to remember that Colombian women are quite a fashionista and would show up on the date looking their absolute best. And to flatter you with their looks, they will make sure that their dress matches with nail polish and that their makeup is on point.

This might take a while, so, be ready to wait. Do not forget that the wait should be completely worth it.

But, do not be late. If you end up making her wait, she will take offense, and rightly so! She might even think that you stood her up, and this is the biggest insult for any girl!

So. be there on time.

13. Never Piss Them Off

Colombian women are quite a feisty bunch. Never try to piss them in any manner or way! They will not be afraid to show their feisty side if you do something annoying or wrong. So, do whatever you may want, but do not make them angry or be ready to face the wrath.

14. They Love Public Display of Affection

Colombian women

Colombian women love public display of affection! Unlike some other cultures, where women might not be too keen to indulge in PDA. Women from Puerto Rico are all up for a public display of love!

So, don’t be surprised even if she holds your hand in a busy street, gives you a forehead kiss, or wants a cuddle. Well, if you are an introvert, you might have to make peace with the fact that your lady is not going to shy away from PDA, and you just have to give in!

15. They Are Polite, and You Should Be Too!

People from Colombia are known to be polite. Don’t be surprised if your girl wishes random strangers on the street with a warm and affectionate smile! Colombian women try to avoid unpleasant conversations and try their best not to be rude to anyone- but if you piss them off, be ready to face the volcano.

One thing is for sure that her company is going to make you polite too. Who knows that even you will start wishing random people ‘hello’ on the streets because of your girl! She is surely going to change you for the better!

16. They Are Independent Women

Colombian women indeed love being in relationships and spending time with their loved ones, but that does not mean they can’t be their own. They won’t have any problem being single for a while. For them, it is always meaningful relationships over a meaningless fling.

They have their opinions and views and won’t shy away from expressing their feelings. They won’t be scared to point your mistakes out or the things that they don’t like about you. They come with no filter!

Although their honesty can often be viewed as being blunt, remember that it takes honesty to make a relationship work.

17. They Want Your Time

Colombian women, as you know, are all for attention. So, you need to take the time out of your day for her. It is not that difficult.

Just take her on dates, call her, ask her about her day, randomly text her! Women love the fact that you make time for them.

So, flatter her, take her on drives, walks and message her out of the blue. These small steps can go a long way in making a relationship work.

18. Win Their Trust

Colombian women

If you are a tourist in Colombia, women can often assume that you just want a fling and maybe into a lot of other women. Remember, no girl wants a guy with extra females. This is the biggest turn off for almost all the girls! So, it is not a surprise that Colombian women want a guy who has eyes only for her and nobody else.

Therefore, give her the reassurance that you have eyes for her and only her. But, if you do have eyes on someone else too, make the fact extremely clear to her. If you want an open relationship and her not looking for anything serious, make the fact clear to her. Honesty goes on a long way!

19. No False Hopes

If you do not see this going anywhere or are already committed to somebody else then, you must not waste her time and break her heart by keeping her in the dark. Do not hide your intentions; do not hide your relationship (if any), do not make her attached only to leave her, out of the blue for somebody else!

As you have seen, Colombians are extremely warm and affectionate people, Colombian women have a heart of gold, and you have no right to deceive them or play with their feelings.

Do not forget that there is no bigger coward than men who invoke a woman’s feeling with no intention of loving her back. Do not ever make false promises or give false hopes or play with her heart! They are not asking for much- Just no extra females, no games, no deception.

If you have a girl already, do not set your eyes for others, keep your girl happy, and stay away from others- do not play with anyone!

These are some culture-specific and universal tips that you need to keep in mind while dating Colombian women. Women from Colombia are incredibly beautiful both from within and outside, and if you get her, value her and her presence! For she is everything, you ever wished for!

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