5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Writing A Journal


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I have always been an avid reader, and I absolutely love binge reading. But writing! It has never been my cup of tea. But, my dad always insisted that I write at least a page in my diary before dozing off to sleep, and I always tried to get out of doing that, but in vain. I started writing a journal at the age of ten, and today, I have completed more than a decade of journal writing. When I take a stroll down memory lane, I realize how this habit has allowed me the opportunity to evolve as a person and made me the person I am today. Here are five reasons why you should start journal writing, without a second thought –

1. Provides clarity of thoughts

Our mind is always cluttered with a lot of thoughts and bizarre ideas. Penning down these thoughts in a journal helps us disentangle the thoughts and ideas and get rid of the clutter in our minds. And once the mind is clear and the thoughts are transferred to the paper, we can always grapple with the issues and sort them out. 

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2. Reflection

Today, all of us are so engrossed in running the rat race of life that the future arrives faster than expected, robbing us of any time to reflect on our past and mull over the present. However, when we start tracking our thoughts on paper, we subconsciously start reflecting on our thoughts, actions, and habits which paves the way for a more organized mindset. Reflecting helps us overcome the adversities of the past and boosts our confidence to deal with future situations.   


3. Helps us learn from mistakes

To err is human, but to persistently err is diabolical. Committing mistakes is a natural human tendency, but not learning from them is a bigger mistake that most of us commit. Writing saves the day here as well. As we write down our daily routine in our journal and ponder upon what we pen down, we start identifying our shortcomings and weaknesses and looking for ideas to work on them. It helps us to keep track of the errors that we have committed in the past and ensures that we do not repeat them in the future. 


4. Track overall development 

A journal is not just an archive; and it is, in fact, a record of our goals, dreams, successes, and failures. When we read back what we have written in our journal, we begin a journey around our life and start observing the changes that have come across in the span of time. We can track our goals and the need to work on them accordingly. And a positive overall development surely boosts up our confidence and encourages us to perform even better! It enables us to analyze our thoughts better and provides an insight into a deeper version of ourselves. 


5. A better understanding of life 

While reading helps us to learn lessons from a character’s point of view and we become versed with the lessons of some great lives, writing, in turn, helps us understand things from our own perspective. It takes us back to our roots, helps us know ourselves better, and discovers what we are passionate about.  We are more open to ideas that we missed before, and we begin to live a more sorted life and start eliminating the negatives from our lives. Most importantly, we start growing in life!


What are you waiting for? Just go and start writing a journal, starting today!

Trust me, and this will be the best decision of your life if you follow it religiously!

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