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6 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Date A Geek!

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Geeks are great at many things. However, getting a girlfriend is definitely not their cup of tea. You may have noticed that these guys have often been stereotyped as bad or unsatisfying partners when it comes to relationships. They’ve been tagged by society as great at reading books and getting good grades, but not so great at getting a girlfriend. However, that couldn’t be more further from the truth!

Be nice to nerds

Geeks are awesome! They are not only gifted in academics, but they make for incredible boyfriends as well!

Here are 6 reasons why you should give a geek a shot!

1. They are smart


Geeks are highly intelligent people. They are typically great at mastering all kinds of topics. From learning math to science, to reading and writing, geeks can master it all. From communication practices to relationship knowledge to sexual techniques, these guys can absorb just about everything under the sun. Why would you not want someone like this?

2. They are Loyal


Geeks don’t have an unreasonable amount of friends. They are generally introverts and shy and prefer to keep to themselves more than others do. As a result, they are extremely loyal. They don’t play mind games, well they might play NFS or GTA, but it’s straightforward when it comes to relationships. They are unbelievably loyal when making friends, including girlfriends, and they will always put their friends first!

3. They have a good sense of humor


Geeks are funny guys. It takes a certain level of intelligence to be funny. You have to use your brain to comprehend and create a joke. Whether it’s sarcasm, playful banter, or telling a joke, these guys are some of the funniest guys around. They have mastered their skill from years of watching comedies, reading magazines, etc. If a guy is smart, he can make you laugh.

4. They are mysterious


Geeks are like the mystery novels of Sherlock Holmes. They are elusive and challenging, like a puzzle to some women who love trying to figure them out. In fact, every woman wants someone as their partner who can make her think. And geeks do just that. They are different from most other guys and tangle things up in ways many guys can’t. They have an indistinctness about them that keeps the attraction alive.

5. They have the biggest hearts


Geeks are the best givers. They will love you like no one ever could. They always put others ahead of themselves and are happiest when they get to please someone else. They are happy when they see you happy. Apart from all their personality traits, geeks have big hearts. And this alone makes them worth dating.

6. They will be loved by your friends and parents


Geeks are loved by many and hated by none. Their warm-hearted nature is enticing to many people. Your friends, the family will all love the geeky guy you date.

The next time you meet a geek, rejoice! He could actually be the man of your dreams. Geeks make incredible boyfriends; just make sure you give them a chance.


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