7 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Favorite

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Favorite 1

“Main toh apni favorite hoon.”

When the flamboyant Geet from Jab We Met, said this particular line, we all smiled at her child-like innocence. But actually, this seemingly simple line has much more depth than we can perceive. In the movie, did you notice that life was always great for Geet as long as she was her own ‘favorite’?

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Favorite


Believe it or not, but this is honestly one of the most useful pieces of advice you’ll ever come across. To be your own favorite means to be in love with yourself before falling in love with anyone else. And as long as this self-love doesn’t become arrogance, this is an absolute requirement for a happy life. It makes you the best ever, upgraded version of yourself. So here are 7 good reasons why loving yourself is necessary.

1.You have stood by yourself through thick & thin

Remember the times when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse, whether it was a big break-up, losing a loved one, or any unimaginably difficult situation, and you were all alone? But today, here you are, having moved on from that, with a fresh perspective to see your life. A better and stronger you. And you are the one who helped yourself through that.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Favorite

2.You will radiate joy and positivity

Ever noticed that even when you are having a bad day, some people can cheer you up with their positive outlook for everything? There are people who are always a joy to be around because they keep smiling through the biggest fixes, giving hope to everyone that the worst situations aren’t the end of the world. There’s always a way if you look hard enough. Be that person.7 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Favorite

3.You will take better care of yourself

When you love yourself, you’ll work at taking care of yourself. You will not need to be coaxed to go to the gym, for you love yourself and you want yourself to look great and stay fit. You’ll take out some ‘me-time’ on the busiest days, to sit back, relax, and pamper yourself. And that would make life so much simpler than before. After all, we do take out time from our busiest schedules for the people we love, right?

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Favorite

4.You’ve been a source of joy for so many people

When you get into the ‘self-pity’-mode, and feel that you are the most useless person on the planet, take a day off and go see your parents or grandparents. The smile on their faces when you give them a surprise visit will make you realize that you are their primary source of joy.

5.You will build up confidence in yourself

With self-confidence, you already win half the battle, no matter what it is about. You are fearless, willing to take risks, and more trusting in your abilities. You are always capable of some things that you never knew you were good at. You get to realize that only when you trust yourself to take life by the horns and still emerge out alive.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Favorite

6.You will become a thousand times more attractive than before

Whether it is a guy or a girl, what makes a person irresistible, other than physical appearance? Confidence. Couple with that a good personality, a result of all the care you have given to yourself. You will light up the room into which you walk. And they always say, to make others fall in love with you, first fall in love with yourself. They’re right.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Favorite

7.You tend to make better decisions

We don’t like seeing the people we love in trouble. And hence, when you love yourself, you will automatically be able to choose the best available alternative for yourself, thus ensuring smooth sailing towards your destination.

Beautiful young happy woman smiling during a phone call while leaning against a white wall

So the next time someone makes you feel worthless or you yourself feel that way, remind yourself that you are your own favorite. All that negativity is just not you. Just love yourself and see your life getting brighter than ever.

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