Remembering Nirbhaya

Remembering Nirbhaya 1
the Victim

the Victim

It’s the time when the Nirbhaya case convict was set free. And why? Just because he was a juvenile. He was lucky enough that he didn’t edge over his 18th birthday. Probably, as the elders quote he may have done a few good deeds in his past lives. Now, a year after he committed a harmful crime against a young woman, he is free and atrociously, given a protective identity, INR 10,000 and a sewing machine. Even God will not be able to stand this.

A shocking crime, wasn’t it? Around December last year, 5 men, drunk were on a bus along with a girl and her male associate. Within a war of words and a turn of events, she was gang-raped and brutally tortured by being hit with iron rods.

Claims say that the very juvenile convict, who came out, was the prime murderer and he, ruthlessly, was the one who inserted a rod in the victim’s vagina and took out the intestine with bare hands. He probably wanted to become a doctor.

When the victim was undergoing treatment, the whole incident took up light. The ghastly truth came out. She brought the Nation together. She became India’s Braveheart. Nirbhaya. The One with No Fear. All her rapists were hanged except one, the very one who claimed he was juvenile.

He is free now but are we? Every woman watching Nirbhaya’s trouble couldn’t have not suffered. I could not even swallow my bile when I heard that her intestines were removed. Rapes were common, much to our disgust, but this one was nauseating.

11402864313_9a38c30846_cWomen, as described in our ancient texts, were referred to as goddesses. Every God has his female counterpart. Women, with references to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, were powerful enough to bring down the Church. They are the only ones who can breathe life into another.

Despite knowing all this, in what ways is a man superior to a woman? Is it the society to blame? The one who says that woman should be kind caring and always obeying to her man’s wishes? I believe the only solution for the stereotype that a wife should be obeying to her husband’s wishes is that every man should be married to a dog. Faithful, loyal, obedient and very caring (All dog owners, Agree?).

However, I don’t mean that women should have too much boldness or bravery. She should be a perfect combo, she should show her guts where she needs to and her humbleness wherever needed. An egoistic lady can’t survive life nor can a very humble lady. It is our personal independence and self-respect we need to preserve. It is a right and no one can grab it from us.

It should also be noted that Nirbhaya’s rape was the only one which gained nationwide support. Every single day, I was used to opening the morning newspaper and close it soon after, as there were so many articles on the atrocities against women. Why? Nobody had learnt the lesson that it was not right to rape. And who was affected most?

The women.This incident ruined the lives of many in India. Women couldn’t walk out freely, they were always guarded, and every man they met only raised suspicion in their eyes. Even taking a stroll caused a lot of discomfort when thinking about what will happen.

When will we get our freedom back?


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