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“Whatever you are doing try to do it for yourself”: In conversation with Rohini Kejriwal

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The founder of “The Alipore Post” and “Chitthi exchange”, Rohini Kejriwal has been a multitasker with an outstanding vision. She is renowned for her writing skills, photography, artistic skills, and poetry. Icy tales got a chance to interview a young talent with an impressive background. This article will help you know a little more about “Rohini” also popular as “woohoochild”.

Rohini Kejriwal

Q. When did you first grasp that you have a passion for writing and wanted to take it up as your profession?

Rohini Kejriwal: It’s always been there for me. As a kid, I liked words and writing. I love poetry since my childhood. Then I started growing up with developing more interest towards my passion. When i was in 11th grade, I realized it’s something that drives me. Being a wordsmith, I chose journalism as my career after my secondary education. I have had been a writer and curator since I knew what passion and interest is.

Q. What do you think makes a good story?

Rohini Kejriwal: For me, there is no specific definition of what makes a good story. According to me, few things as are vital for any story to look and feel good. A story should be based on “honesty”. There can be facts and friction, but the story you are telling should have something real in it. The genuineness of the story will definitely take it to heights and will make it appealing.

Rohini Kejriwal

Q. Who has been your constant support and pillar during these times?

Rohini Kejriwal: My mother is the biggest support system in my life. The reason is very simple and impressive. My mother never opposed me for chasing my dreams. She let me do whatever I wanted to bring on success. I was always assured that my mother is always there for me. No matter how tough the situation turns out, she will hold my hand. For me, inspiration is another aspect. There are many poets that I really get inspired by and would always look up to for some inspirational ideas.

Q. Did you ever felt any turning point in your life?

Rohini Kejriwal: According to me, we all keep learning at different stages of life. I had never felt any particular turning point in my life. For me, there are many points where you learn and that’s something works as a turning point in your life. For me, any big event that happens can become a shift.

Q. What are some of the most surprising things, you learned while writing and creating your content?

Rohini Kejriwal: I believe “whatever you are doing try to do it for yourself”. If you find something appealing you then you can go for the same. No rules are followed while you are writing. It should be free of any constraints and boundaries. There comes the real genuineness of any content if it’s made with the right intentions.

Rohini Kejriwal

Q. There would have been a journey full of ups and downs behind all that you have achieved. Can you tell us something about that?

Rohini Kejriwal: I am someone who is very curious in general. I try to run after something that captures my heart. Creativity is something that drives me. For me, creativity and curiosity are two things that should be there to chase all my dreams.

Q. Any particular inspiration that made you write poems?

Rohini Kejriwal: In my life, there is no specific inspiration that made me write poems. I give the credits to my teachers. I had good teachers who made me fall in love with poems. I love experimenting which made me to make it something of my own. There is no specific moment, but my love for poems made me stand at a very good place right now.

Q. Can you tell us some tips that would help the new-age photographers to click such good pictures?

Rohini Kejriwal: I think it’s a very individual thing. I don’t know how to help as people have different interests and choices. I see the world in a certain way. There are few places, natures, and beautiful moments that capture my attention. I don’t know any technical aspects or a particular way of clicking good pictures. The only thing i can tell is “Whatever drives your curiosity, you have to chase (or pursue) that only”.

Q. Can you give some advice to people who are willing to write or publish poetry?

Rohini Kejriwal: You have to keep track of everything happening and stay up to date. You have to find publishers, which take your kind of poetry. Mainly, look for publishers that match your criteria. Also, always remember that poetry is not easy at all, as you will find many people taking poetry as their interest. Also, don’t take it to heart, as many publishers or editors have their own categories, which may not match yours. So, don’t get disappointed because of such situations. Continue writing for your own happiness and curiosity. It should not be based on external validation. It has to be something that you are proud of. Your work should make you happy always. There you will become something that you wanted to be.

Rohini Kejriwal

Q. Tell us something about “The Alipore Post” and “Chitthi Exchange”.

Rohini Kejriwal: Both of these are my projects. I started two of these projects over time. “The Alipore Post” was started in 2015 is a kind of letter and journal where she sent people poems, artworks, pieces of music, and many other things.

“Chittiexchange” started in 2020 as a way to connect folks and help them during the pandemic to make them enjoy.

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www.thealiporepost.com for her website.

She is a girl with an unflinching attitude. She has always been creative. Her level of curiosity makes her different and solitary. Rohini Kejriwal is not only trying to make people live a life in all the difficult phases but serving people with her work. Her multitasking skills are impressive, which pushed her to stand at a place, where she finds her happiness.

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