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The Royal Palace Train In India: Luxury Redefined

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It is not hidden that India is rich in culture, tradition, and heritage. Trains are an integral part of India. Started early by the East India Company, it holds a strong emotion in the hearts of all Indians.

It is an affordable, comfortable, and easy mode of transportation for all Indians. Apart from regular trains, another main attraction of trains for both Indians and foreigners is the royal palace train in India. The luxury trains are the one-stop destination where you can enjoy the royal interest. The royal hospitality is at par, which is unmatchable.

Tourists traveling in the royal palace train in India witness the beauty and heritage of India with the comfort of luxury. In these trains, you will get a tight security system, lavish interiors with specialized sections, utmost privacy of your journey, and luxurious ambiance. IRCTC and Indian Railway maintain these trains. The fares of these trains depend on their services for the tourists.

Palace On Wheels Train in India

Back then, British Viceroy, Rajputana rulers of princely states, Hyderabad Nizams, Gujrat rulers used to travel in these luxury coaches. After Independence, these coaches remain parked in Rajasthan state for almost a century. Then, in the year 1981-82, Indian Railways and Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation launched a luxurious tourist train to provide a unique experience of Rajasthan to the tourists.

The name was derived from the royal coaches’ background. Hence, it became a royal palace train in India. Keeping the historic interior alive, there were many infrastructural changes happened. The aesthetic interior of the trains the same that matches the beauty of the royal state. The train witnessed many changes, like Metre Gauge from passenger saloons. AC cabins were introduced where tourists can enjoy sharing bathrooms.

In the year 1996, the conversion of rail track took place in India. Then, India welcome Broad Guage, and hence all cabins got attached private bathrooms. Later in the year 2017, this becomes the royal palace train in India with more improved and spacious cabins.

The main highlight of the train is two Super Deluxe Cabins. Also, there are thirty-nine Deluxe Cabins. You will get one spa car. Also, there are bar lounges and restaurant cars. You will get an exclusive butler and wi-fi service.

The train offers you a memorable journey of royal places for eight days and seven nights. The train starts its journey from New Delhi on Wednesday evening and ends on next Wednesday morning. If you are in India and you want to experience the beauty of royal services, then book your ticket now for this train. The booking option is available online, which makes it easy for tourists. Come and experience a beautiful royal journey on this train.

The Royal Palace Train In India: Luxury Redefined 1

Maharajas’ Express

When travel meets luxury, you witness the beauty of Maharajas’ Express. You can enjoy the fun of traveling and also take the pleasure of royal luxury. The exotic cabins, the soft bed, internet connection, on-call personalized and service, utmost privacy, amazing interiors with high historic impact make the trip extraordinary. The royal palace train in India gives you the feeling of royalty in a significant way. You can take a trip to Agra, Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Fatehpur Sikri, Ranthambore, Mumbai,

  • The first trip route is Delhi-Jaipur- Ranthambore- and Fatehpur Sikri-Agra-Orchha and Khajuraho-Varanasi-Delhi.
  • The second trip route is Delhi and Agra-Agra and Ranthambore-Jaipur-Bikaner-Jodhpur-Udaipur-Mumbai.
  • The third trip route is Mumbai-Udaipur-Jodhpur-Bikaner-Jaipur- Ranthambore and Fatehpur Sikri- Agra
  • The fourth trip route is Delhi-Agra-Ranthambore-Jaipur-Delhi

In the Delux Cabin, you will find unique interiors, a system of smoke detection, CCTV. The cabins also include internet, live tv, personal safe, wardrobe, direct-dial international facility of telephone, AC, bathroom with both hot and cold water running.

The Royal Palace Train In India: Luxury Redefined 2

Next comes the Junior Suite, which is named after each gem-like moti, panna, moonga, and many more. There are 18 junior suites out of which 12 are twin bed-sharing, and six are double bedded. There is a large window beside each bed to give you a glimpse of India.

Once you enter this suite, you can have a cozy time. If you are honeymoon couples, then this will be a mind-blogging experience where luxury and comfort meets Indian culture. The high-end facilities are extraordinary, and you can get the utmost pleasure in this junior suite.

The Suite coaches are again named after precious stones like Heera, Neelam, and they are double bedded with big panorama windows. Also, it has mini-pantry for you to serve the delicious cuisines. The valet offers you prompt and attentive service without any default.

Also, you can enjoy bathtub fun and minibar as a complimentary service. The experience of this train is extraordinary. You will not miss any single opportunity to feel royal. It gives you immense pleasure to you to enjoy the ultimate royalty service.
The interiors are unmatched, and the exquisite service of the personal attendant will never disappoint you. You will feel like the royal king while traveling on this train.

Fairy Queen Express

You can consider Fairy Queen Express, the royal palace train in India, because it has the oldest steam locomotive that is still working. Hence, it has a record in the Guinness World Record. The train started its journey in the year 1855 with the help of East India Company. Indian Railway took the initiative to start the train again Delhi to Alwar (return) as a heritage tour. The trip on this train only takes place from October to March on the 2nd and 4th Saturday.

The Royal Palace Train In India: Luxury Redefined 3

Golden Chariot

In the joint venture of the Ministry of Railways and State Government of Karnataka, the Golden Chariot Train started its journey. You will enjoy a great balance of today’s beauty and glorious past.

It is a royal palace train in India that belongs to South India. In this journey, you will enjoy boundless wildlife, wealthy archaeology wealth, the beauty of South Indian culture. You can enjoy beach beauty, heritage sites, eco-tourism, and culture of India. Inside the train, you will enjoy royal luxury while outside, there is the beauty of nature. In this train, they provide the following sections:

  • Passenger Saloons
  • Restaurants coaches
  • Gym and Spa section
  • Bar lounge coach

The Royal Palace Train In India: Luxury Redefined 4

The Deccan Odyssey

India’s very own luxurious blue train where you can enjoy the beauty of Indian territories and splendid landscapes. The Deccan Odyssey offers six different rail trips for tourists, and they include Maharastra Splendor, Jewels of the Deccan, Hidden Treasure of Gujrat, Indian Odyssey, Indian Sojourn, Maharastra Wild Trail.

The Royal Palace Train In India: Luxury Redefined 5

The ride offers all types of royal pamper session with great ambiance. The features of the train are unique. The journey will let you witness history, culture, beach, wildlife of India. It is a land of diversity, and the train journey offers you luxury and culture at the same time.

Royal Orient Train

It is a royal palace train in India that runs in between Rajasthan and Gujrat. During the initial years of the train, it did not take off well, but after 2007, everything was on track, and it witnesses a substantial amount of profit from tourists.

It has 13 different coaches that are named after various Rajputana kingdoms. The passengers receive 5-star hotels like luxury and comfort inside the coaches. You will find a big bath area attached to each coach. The interiors are the reflection of royal intricacy. In the restaurants, you can try Indian, Rajasthani, Continental, Gujrati, and Chinese cuisines.

The Royal Palace Train In India: Luxury Redefined 6

Heritage On Wheels

The royal palace train in India runs on meter gauge, which is itself a memorable experience. You can witness the beauty of the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. The train takes you to the less popular and explored places like Shekhawati and Bikaner. Book the train for seven nights and eight days and enjoy the luxury of the train.
Shekhawati is popular because the town is an open art gallery. Every street, houses are painted, and that makes it unique for travelers.

Royal palace train in India

The Impact Of Indian Railway

During the past era, the royal kings live a lavish life in their kingdom. They enjoy all types of comfort, luxury, and peace in their lifestyle. India is a diverse country, has its tradition and culture.

To create a strong bond among the people, Indian Railways play an essential role. These royal trains offer the same majestic lifestyle to travelers. You can travel to the royal palace train in India and explore different forts, museums, palaces, old buildings, wildlife sanctuaries, and many more.

With a diverse culture, India is also famous for its different cuisines. Different royal kingdoms and states in India have their cuisine. When you travel in these royal trains, you also get to taste the beautiful, colorful platter of different cuisines.

Experience the Indian luxury, comfort, and different locations while traveling in these royal trains. The tickets are available online. You can take the help of the online booking system and plan your next trip to these beautiful places in royal trains. I am sure, and you are going to get goosebumps when you ride in royal train experiencing royal treatment. It will be your lifetime experience for sure.

Traveling in a royal train charges you good money. But, the fares of the first royal palace train in India hardly matters when you receive luxury and comfort in your journey to mystical India.

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