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Sheroes’ Café – The Hangout of Heroes!

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Sheroes’ Café – The Hangout of Heroes! 1


The Taj Mahal city has found another symbol of eternal love within herself, but it is not a gigantic stone mausoleum built by lovers long-dead and buried. Instead, this edifice of love is a tiny café decorated with colorful graffiti and cheerful pictures right opposite Mumtaz Mahal’s final resting place. It symbolizes love – perhaps not the romantic kind – but something just as important; a love for life, a love for humanity.


Café Sheroes’ Hangout is an initiative started by the Stop Acid Attacks (SAA) Campaign and the Chhanv Foundation, which works to rehabilitate survivors of acid attacks and spread awareness about such atrocities against women throughout the society, society that often looks down upon such individuals or views them with pity. It was opened in Agra with an initial capital of ₹3 lakhs that was raised through crowd-funding.

Sheroes’ Café – The Hangout of Heroes! 2


The café is run almost entirely by five acid attack survivors, namely; Ritu, Geeta, Rupa, Neetu, and Dolly. These five women share in common terrifyingly dark pasts filled with pain and violence, but more importantly, the courage to live on and pursue their dreams despite all odds.

Her father blinded Neetu as a child for her mother’s failure to give birth to a son. At the same time, her younger sister died in the same attack. In a tale oft-repeated, Dolly was attacked and permanently disfigured by a man she had refused to marry.

Despite the horrific ordeals they have all undergone, these women are now ready to face life and the world once more. The walls of the café are decorated with pictures of acid-attack survivors, who also form the entirety of the staff; waiting tables, preparing delicious meals, chatting with customers, and managing accounts. Unlike before, when they were forced to cover their faces and live in the shadows, they now display their scars with pride, as the battle-scars of a warrior. In a tongue-in-cheek satire of some of the society’s more ridiculous attitudes towards women, on a pin-up board in the corner of the café are displayed several items that society often blames for atrocities against women, such as chowmein, mobile phones, and make-up.

Sheroes’ Café – The Hangout of Heroes! 3

Rupa’s boutique.

The café also has a reading room full of books about women empowerment, most of which were donated by customers and supporters. Furthermore, it boasts of a boutique displaying handicrafts and designer clothes designed and made by the ‘Sheroes’ themselves, which serves as an extra income source. Rupa, who wanted to be a fashion designer before the attack put her life on hold, can now follow her dream through the SAA activists’ efforts.

The café functions on a pay-as-you-like basis with no fixed costs for the delicacies they serve. Many of the customers are tourists who are both sympathetic to the cause and generous. All the income generated is used to better the victims. The café functions as a non-profit organization aiming mainly to spread awareness and provide an honorable and dignified living for the women society had shunned. The café also has a radio hub, enabling the Sheroes’ to fulfill their dreams of becoming RJs and performers. Beauty does not define character, and there is no place one can understand this truth better than at Sheroes’ Hangout. The name of the establishment is a play on the word ‘heroes,’ a tribute to the survivors who run and maintain it on a day-to-day basis.

Sheroes’ Café – The Hangout of Heroes! 4
A pin-board decorated with objects often falsely blamed for attacks against women.

Alok Dixit, the head of the SAA campaign, has said that plans for more such cafés in cities like Delhi, Indore, and Ludhiana are in the pipeline, which would help provide work and rehabilitation for at least five acid attack survivors from the city and surrounding areas.

So the next time you visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, don’t forget to pay a visit to this exceptional little café with its exceptional young ‘Sheroes’!

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