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Should The College Authorities Be Strict About College Attendance?

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In many colleges and universities, the authorities are extremely strict about the attendance. Whether the reason is genuine, or not, they don’t give you attendance at all. But in the remaining colleges, the authorities are so lenient that they will mark the attendance of those students whom they know are not too serious about their studies and often bunk classes to party and celebrate the day, or hang around with their friends aimlessly. At times teachers they permit the students to leave or bunk the class and promise to give them attendance.

There was a time when people used to buy luxuries, cars, etc but now wealth is used as a medium of donation to get students admitted in top colleges of India. It’s really shameful. Nowadays people have to use wealth to buy attendance for a few classes when they know that they have crossed the borderline that permits them to sit inside an examination hall. When all the efforts of pleading and giving false excuses to the teachers fail, they use wealth to get attendance.

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There are cases in which college students have committed suicide due to a shortage of attendance. Last year a case happened with a college student who committed suicide when his teacher did not give him attendance and insulted him. He was a fourth-year law student and was a very bright student who scored excellent marks in academics and always participated actively in all the activities. But due to genuine reasons, he was not able to attend the classes, and when he fell short of attendance, below 75%, he pleaded the college authorities to mark him as he had a valid reason. But when they refused to he committed suicide.

Colleges must be strict about the attendance of students, but not too strict that it encourages one to take a drastic step. The college must mark attendance of students on the basis of proofs like medical reports, emergency reports, leave applications, etc. If at certain cases they fail to get a proof, they can immediately contact their parents. But one must not harass a student about his or her attendance.


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