Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Lucknow Teacher Slaps Student For Not Responding To Roll-Call

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A video has gone viral in which a teacher is seen slapping her student mercilessly. All this got recorded in the camera.

Lucknow Teacher Slaps Student For Not Responding To Roll-Call 1

In a heart-wrenching experience, the video shows the teacher hitting the student 40 times within 3 minutes after the kid didn’t stand up during attendance. The incident happened at St. John Vaidyanya School, Lucknow. The student sitting in the first row failed to stand up during his attendance call at which the teacher got irritated and started beating the kid. She also banged the child’s head against the chalk board.

Caught On Camera: Lucknow School Teacher Slapped Minor Student 40 Times In 3 Mins – Watch Video

After going home the child remained quite. It was his class mates who informed his parents. After watching the video the violent act of the teacher was confirmed. When confronted by the school authorities the teacher said that she got “irritated” with the child’s lack of response.

The teacher got suspended for her inhuman act.

A few days ago a similar video had gone viral in which a three-year-old is seen crying and begging for mercy as her mother beats her for not studying properly. When will people start understanding that if a child makes a mistake then you need to keep calm and ask them nicely to not do it again instead of terrorizing the innocent souls.

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