Siachen Avalanche,Lance Naik Hanumanthappa -The Whole Story

Siachen Avalanche,Lance Naik Hanumanthappa -The Whole Story 1

Day in and day out,in the scorching heat and the terrible cold, We stand guard to you, to our Mother Land.Be thankful and be grateful for the lives bestowed for we are gambling our lives at the border.-This time it was the Siachen Avalanche.

A nine-to-five job gets our nerves wrecking, and all that we want to do is stridently dash out and complain about our lives with a habitual moroseness.Let’s spend a moment for the million other soldiers who chose to protect our happiness and well-being. Patriotism flows in their blood.

The recent tragic event that had the nation moving was of the Siachen Avalanche(An avalanche is a natural disaster where the snow slides down the steep mountains because of the mechanical error in its structure; global warming is the predominant culprit here claiming lives).The political snobbery between the nations(India and Pakistan) have claimed a good thousands lives that have been deployed in one of the most vicious environments ever.

The weather conditions make you cringe with its minimum temperature of -50 degree Celsius and with  the area being avalanche prone ,danger is written all over the place.siachen avalanche

This time, on February 3rd 2016, the 19th Madras Regiment consisting of nine soldiers and one Junior Commissioned officer who had a camp on the glacier were struck by the inevitable wrath of the Siachen avalanche.

The search operations were immediately conducted in the place where any hope of survival was almost lost. But as a miracle one soldier,one man from Karnataka, the martyr who later lost the battle against life was found alive.

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad, a resident of Dharwad district was found with nothing but a pulse buried under the slab of ice almost concreting him,giving new hope and belief, rather proclaimed as a miracle.

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa

He was moved to Delhi and was treated at the R-R Hospital where the doctors tried their best to save the brave heart who hanged on even after being buried for six long days in an unfathomable temperature of -47 deg Celsius,25 feet under the snow!Analysts say that the air packs compressed inside the boulder of snow helped him stay alive along with the man’s strength to hang on.

It’s not every day we hear the story of grit and determination and miracle but sadly enough the ephemeral miracle tends to fade away as reality strikes in. Despite the prayers from all over the nation, the brave soldier’s multiple organ failure led to his brave demise.

The whole nation mourns his death.

There is history of deaths

Both the countries(India and Pakistan) have confirmed the death of over 2000 soldiers since 1984 due to the Siachen glacier disasters .It’s high time that we solve the issue all the soldiers who meet death in this inhuman region.

Nine other soldiers dead due to Siachen Avalanche

The bodies of the other nine soldiers are yet to be flown over to their families who are awaiting with bated breath to have one last look at their loved ones before bidding a never-returning farewell to the other world.

They were Subedar Nagesha, Havildar Elumalai,Sepoy Rama Moorthy, Lance Havildar S Kumar, Lance Naik Sudheesh, Sepoy Mahesha, Sepoy Ganesan, , Sepoy Mustaq Ahmed and Sepoy Nursing Assistant Suryawanshi. The nation mourns their brave sacrifice.


In this rescue operation, there was also the deaths of two dogs who couldn’t bear the extreme hostile conditions .

May their souls rest in peace and let their valor and bravery be praised for centuries to come!



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