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Soulmate – Just Another Word…

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“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with 2 faces. Fearing the power they held, Zeus split them into two separate beings condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves”.

This is an excerpt from Plato’s The Symposium

Now, I don’t know how far this is true, but the thought of this is beautiful. It makes you feel special, knowing that you have that one special person waiting for you (He might be filling his mouth with pretzels and cookies at the moment, just saying!)

When one types ‘soulmate’ on the search bar, your screen is flooded with various perceptions and views of that one word, there are numerous opinions for that one word. For a few, it’s someone who is latched to your soul. For some others, it’s sharing a force or bond with a person that is stronger than the pull of gravity itself. For some, it is someone who makes you happy. The list of opinions is never-ending. But can we all take a minute and step back and just look at the word. Not view, but just look at the word with no opinions, no perceptions, just an empty look. Oh my, the number of tags and the number of emotional attachments, and the number of baggage added to the word, it’s on par with making a donkey carry tons of diamond. At the end of the day, it’s just a word.  It’s a beautiful word I completely agree, but it’s high time that we stopped making a huge deal out of it.


Oxford defines Soulmate as ‘A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or a romantic partner’. There it is. Simple and crisp. What drives me mad is how we have imposed terms and conditions on a word. We are caught up in this web of complications and mess to such an extent that there is a need for sophistication in everything one has. Why? Because simple is now considered mainstream. Apparently, sophistication and mess are what attract people. Being clear and simple about views makes one a dimwit. We are attracted to the mess, not because we like the mess but more because we like cleaning it up. We like picking the pieces and putting them back  their respective place. I am sorry for branching away from the topic. What I am trying to put out is, why would you want to complicate a simple term? Why would you want to go get your straight silky hair tangled for the heck of it? Now I know there are going to be a few rebels who are going to be like “My life my rules” But really, why the complication?

A soulmate is that one person who makes you comfortable. When Oxford defined soulmate, notice how they used the word ideally ‘suited’. Now we human beings try to take it and define it into our own terms and confuse ourselves. Puzzle pieces. You see, Oxford used the term ‘suited’ for a reason, like “Oh that blouse goes well with that skirt” or “Oh, that bag goes well with those shoes” OOORRR “WOW, these fries go well with this ice cream”. Now don’t focus on the last example, one should try that out. It does taste good. Getting back to the point, noticed these examples yet? Did you find a hint of puzzle pieces anywhere?

Tying up Soulmate and Puzzle pieces is a screwed up thought that’s way beyond repair. What do you mean by you needing another person to complete you? Aren’t you complete as it is? Daring, what if I told you that you were a beautiful painting? We are not incomplete. We are not some puzzle piece waiting to fill up the bigger picture. We are the bigger picture. You are going to take me back to that little excerpt I started off with; I started off with that for a reason. The thought of it is beautiful, but my child, welcome to reality, the real world where everything isn’t rainbows and daffodils. It’s a myth. That’s all it is.

We all are beautiful paintings.

I remember this friend of mine who wrote this beautiful story about a puzzle piece. I wish I had that with me; I remember her saying about how we try to complicate our uncomplications.

I shall leave you all pondering about that last line.


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