Love is so much more than a four-letter word; make sure you treat it that way. Make your partner feel special and experience the magic of your love. Here is a list of 11 ways through which you could touch the heart of your partner.1

11 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Special

11. Ping Them Unexpectedly

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Sometimes, one cute and lovely message or a phone call saying “miss you” or “love you very much” or “just wanted to check how have you been” amidst a busy office hour could create magic. Make your partner feel special with your sweet words. Your partner is really going to appreciate that you took time out from your busy schedule. So, call up your partner and tell them what they love to hear.

10. Send Them Gifts 

“Love2 is beyond materialism, but yes, sending gifts without a special occasion is a nice gesture to express your love. Make your partner feel special with gifts. So, surprise your partner with flowers, chocolates, a card, or a personalized gift item, and leave an overwhelming impact on him/her.

9. Cook Something of Your Partner’s Choice

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Cook something, something that your partner loves to eat. You need not be really good at it. Little effort is enough to show that you care for them and love them and make your partner feel special3!

So do not aim to cook an extravagant meal; even coffee would work. You could even look forward to cooking the meals together. It would allow you to have a perfect time together. And you will realize that nothing could beat such quality moments.

8. Question Games 

Well, this is not an ordinary question game. Ask your partner any of the three things she would love to do shortly. Some questions like, “three movies you wanna watch together,” “three places you want to go together,” “three wishes he wants you to fulfill,” etc. And mind you, it’s not just about asking; it’s about doing it. Try to fulfil as many wishes as your partner mentions.

7. Go for a Spa or A Massage 

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Go for spa/ massage4 together sometimes; people feel jealous after seeing their partner getting massaged by a person of the opposite sex. Avoid that! In fact, a great option would be to give your partner a massage yourself. I am sure they would love it, and nothing could be more relaxing than this.

6. Go Shopping Together

It is another way to let them know that you love and admire their choice. Go shopping together. This will help you know what your partner wants to see you in, and also, your partner would feel good seeing you admire their choice. Again, a great way to spend some quality time and to make your partner feel special.

5. Flirt Sometimes 

Two young adults flirting

Yes, you read it right! I asked you to flirt! But make sure you do it with your partner and not somebody else. Well, jokes apart, flirt with your partner sometimes to kick the boredom away. Keep it healthy and make your partner feel special! Give looks as if they are your crush, talk hesitatingly, get naughty, or do anything that suits your relationship.

4. Take Your Partner Out for An Amazing Date

Take your partner out for a date to a place of their choice. Let the menu be your partner’s favorite. Treat him with extra care and specialty. Booze, if your partner loves it. Arrange music in the background if possible. Wear something that your partner will like and make your partner feel special.

3. Arrange A Trip on The Weekend with Close Family and Friends 

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Arrange a trip to some nearby destination with your close friends, especially the ones your partner is comfortable with. Try to make it happen, be funny, and adventurous, and cherish being able to do it in a way that your partner would enjoy. If your partner is water-phallic, go to some water park; if they are adventurous, chose an amusement park. Other options could be safari, adventurous sport, long drives, and anything.

2. Take pictures together

Get clicked with your partner and make your partner feel special. Take selfies. Everybody loves to make memories. Make a collage of your existing photographs, get it framed, or just set it as your Facebook or WhatsApp profile picture. Get a video made out of these pictures. Watch it with your partner. Re-live those moments! Tell your partner how beautiful your life is because of these memories.

1. Spend quality time

Spend time with your partner. Take out time to cuddle her. Talk to your partner about your relationship. Do what interests her. Make plans for the future, and go through your past of togetherness. Decorate your home together. Dance for and with him. Sing for your partner. Complement him. Learn to forgive and forget (This is really important in relationships). Go for walks together. Numerous such small things can fill your love life with a special charm and amazement.

Let the Love in your heart blossom in the air!

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    October 7, 2015

    Very Nice tips. I do all of them

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    October 7, 2015

    Its a good list of to do things for your partner and i thoroughly enjoyed reading through it.

    Thanks Gudiya

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