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Poetry, a bomb_packed_shell of emotions, weaved so precisely, carved with crystal clearness. Poems are like tightly knit feelings for rummaging the finest corners of our souls inside mere verses of letters, phrases and annotations. Poetry is capable of fine tuning our hearts to make attitude changes even if half a percent of the poet’s heart is understood. What’s more delightful than hearing such things from the very person who penned them down? Won’t it feel like unwavering the truest form of that poem?


A quote read somewhere is popping out of my mind now,

“Nothing ever happens poetic. Stuff happens, and we have to make them look poetic”


Spoken word art is a way of expression of poems by reading them out to the audience. Watching a person standing on the stage, getting all whelmed up with words and verses, smiling at sweeter parts, winking at mischievous thoughts, almost breaking near the heart wrenching portions is quite a colossal of human peculiarities. A few minutes of exquisiteness can make us weep and laugh at the same time.


Stage, their revering platform.

Mic, their material of magic.

Poem, their impeccable spell.

There is another way to look into such form of art. A reader who loves poetry may get impacted in different manner by reading a poem by themsleves rather than hearing a person performing the same poem.  However, similar to the emergence of short stories from Novels, spoken word art has it’s own way of pleasing the audience.

This beautiful art form is just at it’s budding stage in India, whereas it already took it’s firm stand in other parts of the world.

‘Button Poetry’ a community from United States possesses best of the artists, especially young talents from around the world. They conduct soulful poetry reading sessions and also performances of their community members are all available in youtube.




‘Sarah kay’ a spoken word artist is breaking the bounds beyond imagination, making an impact in lot many audience and viewers. She even had delivered speeches in Ted Talks, sharing her idea over her passion towards spoken word art.  Below is the link for her official website.

Sarah kay

There are other such communities in few other parts of the world that are invlolved in creating spoken word artists.

Even in India people already started holding their passion towards spoken word art. Lots of young poets are thriving to get recognised as spoken word artists. Communities like ‘The Poetry Club, Mumbai’ and ‘Mockingbirds, Chennai’ have delved into the process of spreading Spoken Word Art in India.

All that is needed for such initiative is inspiration over poetry and poets.Here is what Berty Ashley, one of the founders of ‘Mockingbirds, Chennai’, has to say about the moment of inception of the idea for starting this community.

It was a warm summer’s night. And when, hasn’t it been one in chennai?, when 2 fellows and 2 girls got together at a coffee shop in egmore. While they waited for one more person to join they sipped on expensive yet expressionless coffee. Then the guy who worked with tires said ‘I like poetry I want to share some’. The guy who likes tires said ‘so cool dude tell to us I say’. And from his kindle came forth words which made us go awestruck. Then the girl from madras uni started. And we went ❤❤. Then we decided to start a what’sapp group. And the girl we were waiting for never came.” – Berty Ashley.

Below here is the link for official Facebook page of Mocking birds. If you are a Chennaity, don’t miss attending the monthly meetups of this awesome community.


There needs much recognition for this young art form which can be attained by conducting Poetry slams, Workshops, Youtube Featuring, Social promotions regarding weekly or monthly meetups etc.

Let’s get to know this wonderful art form and get our minds enlightened by it. 




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