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A Step-By-Step Guide on How To Remove Running Boards

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Running boards and side steps are a useful addition to your off-road vehicle, especially if you have small kids or a 4 inch lift kit installed. Why would anyone want to remove them?

  • To add heavy-duty rock guards
  • To install longer nerf bars
  • To replace stock running boards with off-road aftermarket versions
  • For style reasons

Factory models aren’t always attractive or practical. The story is totally different when you get to install custom nerf bars or rock guards that look awesome.A Step-By-Step Guide on How To Remove Running Boards 1

What You’ll Need:

Before you break out stands or lifts, know that the removal process is fairly simple and doesn’t usually require extra ground clearance underneath your Jeep or truck. Every manufacturer does things slightly differently, but you’ll likely need these tools:

  • Socket wrench with several socket sizes
  • Socket extender
  • Box wrench
  • Penetrating lubricant designed for rusted bolts

How To Remove Running Boards?

  1. Take a quick look to see if there are any access issues or stuck bolts.
  2. Apply penetrating lubricant to any rusted bolts.
  3. Using a socket wrench – with socket extender if needed –start by removingnuts attaching the running board to the inside of the truck’s frame. Any nuts behind a bracket will require a box wrench to remove.
  4. Remove the larger bolts connecting brackets to your truck’s underside. The running board should slide off immediately.

Tips For Removing a Running Board

Watch for Falling Objects

Remember that the running board will disengage immediately after removing the last few bolts, so it can fall on you. It’s helpful to have a buddy holding on to prevent this; you can also use your knee or a stand underneath to provide support.

Have Your Replacements Ready To Go

Getting rid of factory running boards is the perfect time to install sleek rock guards that match your truck bumper style. If you plan on replacing rusted nuts and bolts, have them on hand as well. To find the perfect accessories for your truck – like high-performance Dick Cepek wheels – contact an off-road parts supplier with a huge inventory and quick shipping options.

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