10 Mouth Watering Street Food in Delhi

10 Mouth Watering Street Food in Delhi 1

Delhi is known worldwide for its Street Food. However, most popular dishes are adaptions from other cuisines and the city has a very few of its own. Nevertheless, these bastardised dishes are unique in their own way. There are some dishes that are only seasonal, but the following are popular among the masses all-round the year.

  1. Chole Bhature

Undoubtedly, the most popular street food in Delhi is Chole Bhature. A delicacy from the Punjabi cuisine, it owes its popularity in Delhi to a large proportion of Punjabi population. It is the weekend breakfast in most households, particularly in winter.

2. Gol Gappe

paniPoori2This is Delhi’s version of what is known as Puchka in Bengal and Pani Puri in Maharashtra.Yet, we have another version of it called Stuffed Gol gappas, which is filled with potatoes, curd and chutneys. It is the most hawked street food of the city.

3. Momos

IndiaTv94add1_momos-main-picThis dish in Delhi is the adapted version from Himalayan and North-Eastern cuisine( also Tibet). One can find momos being sold in every nook and corner in the city. It’s popularity has further increased due to innovative twists to the dish with Hot garlic, Tandoori, Afghani, Fried and etc. variants to it.

4. Kathi Rolls

aloo-kathi-rollJust like other street food, Delhi is famous for its own version of Kolkata’s Kathi roll. The twist to the original roll is an addition of mayonnaise and other chutneys. The X-factor about Delhi’s Kathi Rolls is the availability of a large number of Vegetarian options.

5. Amritsari naan

3370478119_24d66d21afAnother Punjabi delicacy, it is a dish that faces regionalism in its popularity popular, being much more famous in Northern and western parts of the city. It is a crispy naan stuffed with spiced potato and cottage cheese filling, usually served with channa masala.

6. Raj Kachori

This traditional dish from Rajasthan is though very popular but is not readily available in the city. It comprises of a big crisp puri which is stuffed with bhalla, papdi, curd, chutneys and garnished with bhujiya and pomegranate.

7. Samosa

It is an all-time classic snack over the country, particularly in Delhi. It is made of a triangular flaky crusted stuffed with spiced potatoes. Many new versions of samosa like Chicken, masala, Cheese etc. have popped up recently too.

8. Shawarma

An adaptation from the Lebanese cuisine, itis more often referred as Shorma around the city. It is a wrap of Doner style meats or paneer in a soft fermented flat dough. It is best served with Egg mayonnaise and rarely Hummus.

9. Tandoori Chaap

govardhanThis is a rare dish that majorly hails from Delhi itself. It is very popular amongst the vegetarian community in particular since it’s the only alternative for tender and chewy roasted snacks. It also has many variants to it like Afghani, Malai, Seekh etc.

10. Moong Dal Pakode (Ram Ladoo)

10 Mouth Watering Street Food in Delhi 2

This dish though is originally from Mumbai, its chat version is the one that is popular inDelhi. The Chat is made by the Moong Dal bhajiya along with shredded radish and Chilly mint chutney. It is also hawked a lot within the city.

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