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Ten Weird Inventions That Made Millions

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A man can progress only as far as his creativity allows him. We’ve seen the good side of science and art, and then we’ve seen the bad side of it. However, there is science, and then there’s weirdness. Following is a list of 10 weird creators and their creations that made them millionaires.

1. HeadOn
lifebuzz-93427932bdf329c10b94cf43d544e9d2-limit_2000HeadOn can supposedly cure headaches when you rub the wax directly on the forehead. With no scientific backup and a few headache-inducing commercial ads, this creation has been sold more than six million times at $8 each.

2. Mobile toilet paper this¬†invention comes as a blessing for those who suffer from a runny nose AND don’t mind being stared at for the toilet paper attached to their head. A Japanese invention, it can safely be considered to be on the crazy side of ideas and inventions.

3. Banana slipcase
crazy-japanese-inventions-2Ok, so this one does make some sense. Ever kept a banana in your bag, only to find it all squished and gooey at the bottom? Here’s where this handy thing comes to the rescue. It protects your banana from getting squashed under the weight of the items in your bag.

4. Hug-pillow
crazy-japanese-inventions-9Feel the need to cuddle but don’t have a loved one to cuddle with? Worry not; the Japanese heard of your lonely plight and came up with a cuddle pillow! Use it to feel loved, and, what’s more, and you don’t have to worry about hogging all the blankets! It sounds like a win-win to me!

5. Leg pillow
crazy-japanese-inventions-10Japan has another product to help the love-sick males and females. This thigh-shaped pillow is meant to be a comfort to all those lonely souls out there. For those single men and women (we don’t judge you!) Now that’s one comfortable way to nap!

6. Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings
crazy-inventions-19Just look at them, look at those hairy legs. A girl is guaranteed a hassle, eve-teasing free evening if she wears on these stockings. This invention, despite its unappealing nature, seems to be quite thoughtful towards the fairer sex. However, it would’ve been better if women didn’t have to resort to such products safely.

7. Foot Powered Bike

Seriously, what is the point of having a bicycle when you don’t have pedals and have to run to accelerate it? It went on to win a merit award at the international cycle show in Taipei. It combines cycling, walking, and running. It reminds you of the Flinstones.

8. Pet Rock
lifebuzz-173c4815d795b647ca1155697f9cef50-limit_2000Having a pet rock seems quite hassle-free, right? You don’t have to do much; just let it sit there. But wait, there’s a catch, by making this rock your pet (rocks being immortal), aren’t you dooming it to watch its loved ones die? Oh well, this pet rock went on to make 15 million dollars in its first six months of sale.

9. Bacon condoms
BaconCondom_BoxWell, I could probably crack countless meat jokes, which of course, would be filled with naughty innuendos. ( Fun fact- 43% of Canadians prefer bacon over sex.) but I’ll leave that to you, just as I’d like to leave this and move on to the final product.

10. Knitted beard hat
e0403298a400fc474722191ec50ef6c9This is the result of something that looks cute just on babies. Not on adults, I repeat, NOT on adults. Adults would look like they’ve got the fashion sense of an orangutan if they wear one. It’s fun to lighten the mood, but for a coffee at Starbucks or a quick bite at your local food haunt? By all means, go ahead if you don’t mind being labeled as a weirdo.

Having concluded with a list of ten products that I believe aren’t borne out of your conventional creativity, I’d like to mention that any idea, no matter how crazy, can be sold to a person if the way it’s presented and sold is desirable.

If you believe your idea is useful, and it is, it doesn’t matter unless you can sell it to a person.

So, find your seller if you have a crazy enough idea! Or mention them in the comments below!

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