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Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants

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Have you ever thought of trying the food in Islamorada restaurants in Florida? If you want to try out new foods, especially seafood, you need to try some famous restaurants in Islamorada, Florida. This place is not only known for food but also beautiful beaches and scenic views.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants

In this article, we will discuss the top 14 Islamorada restaurants. By the end of this article, you will come to know about the top 14 Islamorada restaurants in terms of the varieties of food they serve, recreational activities, and shopping in and around Islamorada restaurants.

1.Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen.

This restaurant is in Key Largo, FL, United States. It is an excellent place to gather with your family and friends. What sets this restaurant apart is its homemade sauces and toppings. This restaurant is known for its delicious food. Their buffalo dip for the alligator bites is delicious. They serve tasty key lime pie, conch fritters, and crabcakes.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 1
by Guillaume Capron

This restaurant provides pleasant and attentive services. If you are planning to have seafood, it’s a perfect place. There are a few delicious foods that you must try; these include alligator tenders, coconut shrimp, and lobster bites. One of the top recommended food is blackened mahi-mahi. It is a famous Islamorada restaurant.

2.Islamorada Fish company.

The restaurant’s location is in Ashland, VA, United States. This restaurant provides very few options on the menu. The fish tank is the center of attraction in the restaurant. They have many varieties of tasty tacos, such as Mahi tacos.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 2
by Geoff Peters 604

Their other food options include alligator bites, fish and chips, stuffed mushrooms, and green peas. It is one of the well known Islamorada restaurants for fish recipes. The staff is professional. Drinks are tasty; you can try them. Their outdoor seating is spacious, and the staff is great.

3.Lorelei Restaurant and Cabana Bar.

If you want to try new seafood, you must go to the Lorelei Restaurant and Cabana Bar. The food here is exceptional. The seafood is reasonably priced, such as Mahi, coconut shrimp, and stone crab. Live music is a great way to spend your time. Coconut Shrimp served in this restaurant is well known.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 3
by jeffreyw

From this place, you can view beautiful sunsets. The drinks were delicious; you can try bushwhackers. Their desserts are legendary; one of the recommended deserts is lime pie. This restaurant is famous for its seafood. It’s a place for reasonable prices of drinks and food. It is one of the best Islamorada restaurants.

4.Morada Bay.

If you plan to visit Islamorada, you must go to the Morada bay restaurant, located in Islamorada, FL, United States. It is a good place to have food with the family. They serve delicious seafood in an outdoor seating area, with beautiful palm trees and the water. It is one of the best Islamorada restaurants known to serve a variety of seafood.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 4
by youngrocky

You can have a wonderful sunset dinner experience. You must try their margaritas, cracked conch, and key lime pie. The staff is professional and attentive. Overall, it is an amazing place to have food and spend time with your family. They serve good food in a pleasant ambiance.

5.Lazy Days Restaurant.

Islamorada restaurants serve different types of food. Lazy days Restaurant is a unique restaurant in its own sense. If you plan to have food outdoors, with an open ocean view, you must try Lazy day restaurant. Their menu includes many delicious dishes such as shrimp cocktails, sandwiches, and lobster.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 5
by Didriks

You can listen to romantic music and have dinner on the beach for a weekend break. You can eat outside on the upper deck that overlooks the ocean. It’s a place that offers many seafood options; you can try hogfish, conch fritters, banana bread, and yellowtail with key lime butter. In this restaurant, you can feed lemon sharks and tarpon fish.

6.Marker 88.

This restaurant is in Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL, United States. They have a delicious menu that provides many options. Their food is delicious; you must try their dishes such as key lime pie, Cuban sandwich, and hogfish. Cocktails are amazing in this place.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 6
by Foodie Buddha

They have beach access, beach chairs, kayaks, and paddleboards for rental purposes at a reasonable price. This is one of the Islamorada restaurants where you can have food and fun with the family.

7.Wahoo’s Bar and Grill Restaurant.

If you are interested in going boating after having some food, you must go to Wahoo’s Bar and Grill Restaurant. It is a great place to have food after having a stroll on the sandy beach. They have great music. Fish tacos and Mahi tacos are delicious. It has a pleasant environment that gives you a refreshing feeling.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 7
by Michal Sänger

The location is excellent, with great scenic views of the Atlantic ocean. They serve fresh Oysters and excellent cocktails. This restaurant has inside and outside seating places. The crab and shrimp soup are delicious. Boat rentals are available in this place. In this restaurant, you could watch sharks and tarpon fish swimming.

8.Midway Cafe and Coffee Bar.

If you want to try some interesting foods, you must try the Midway Cafe and Coffee Bar food. You go to this restaurant and take a bite. It is a preferred place to have breakfast.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 8
By crd!

If you are vegan, you can try their vegan food. The staff is professional and attentive. The menu provides many options, such as key lime pie, croissants, and baked goods. If you walk into this restaurant, there are foods that you must try, such as burritos, sandwiches, eggs, and brie. It is one of the famous Islamorada restaurants.

9.Whale Harbor Seafood Buffet.

This restaurant is located in Islamorada, FL, United States. The food they serve is fresh, organized, and priced well. People prefer to have breakfast in this restaurant. Their menu includes many varieties of foods; however, there are a few foods that you need to try, such as crab legs, paella, and Key lime pie.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 9
by Vegan Feast Catering

The staff is attentive and professional. Seafood crepes are a must if you are visiting this restaurant.

10.Hog Heaven Sports Bar and Grill.

It is one of the famous restaurants located in Islamorada. Their menu provides various options. The staff is welcoming. As it is nearby the beach, you can have a stroll and get refreshed. Some of the foods you must try are conch fritters, hogfish, and bacon-wrapped grilled cheese.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 10
by stu_spivack

They have a great room area, inside and outside the bar. They provide a refreshing atmosphere.


If you are planning to shop after having some good food, you must go to this restaurant. Their menu provides a wide variety of food choices. Crispy fried cracked conch and mahi-mahi fritters are a must.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 11
by terabithia4

This place has tasty food with outstanding customer service. You can feed tarpons in this place. Pelicans here are so accustomed to humans; they are fearless. You can have parties with friends in this place. Try their beverages; they are unique. Few shops around this restaurant are good for souvenirs.

12.Rain Barrel Village.

Islamorada restaurants are different from one another in their own way. In a way, this place is exceptional; as you walk around, you will come across special art. Outdoor dining is good; great food makes it even better.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 12
by jeffreyw

They have an excellent menu that provides many options. There is a lobster sculpture that is well executed. Great galleries are all around the place. The artists’ shops are filled with crafts, from jewelry to hand-painted items. They have many eateries spread across the park, and you can try them.


13.The Fish House.

This restaurant is located in key largo, FL, United States. They have an amazing dining area. Some of the foods you must try to include are smoked fish dip, oysters, fish fry, and coconut shrimp.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 13
by avlxyz

Their menu offers many options. The staff is quick and professional. The atmosphere of the restaurant is amazing. This restaurant is slightly on the pricier side. However, the quality is also up to the standards.

14.Twisted shrimp.

Do you want to try some tasty tacos and shrimp, you must try this restaurant. Twisted shrimp is one of the famous restaurants. The restaurant’s menu has many options, such as different tacos, fried shrimp, and po boys. It serves amazing food. This is a small restaurant right on the main road.

Top 14 Islamorada Restaurants 14
by mmmyoso

The staff is amiable, warm, and welcoming. There are few other foods that you must try, and these include lobster bisque, pulled pork, and fried okra. Overall, they provide tasty food and great service. It is one of the unique Islamorada restaurants.

If you plan to visit Islamorada, you can visit a few other recreational parks with amazing eateries. Visiting these restaurants might give you a new perspective on food, as you get to taste different innovative foods that are unique to each restaurant in their own way.

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