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The 6 Strangest Places On Earth

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Our planet is very vivid and vast, with many beautiful places. But lurking on the earth are some areas considered the weirdest and strangest places of them all. Here are the six most mysterious and most bizarre places in this world.

1)  Hoia Baciu Forest  (ROMANIA)

The Hoia Baciu Forest
By Daniel Marian/ Shutterstock

This forest is known as the “Bermuda triangle” of Romania. Multiple people have gone missing, and no one ever found them. There are rumours of UFO spotting in this forest. It also has a forest clearing which people believe is the work of species from other planets. In addition, many shadows were seen in bulk in this area. Another weird thing about this clearing is that nothing ever grows in this area; the soil was tested in this perfect circle and found to be normal.

2) The Mütter Museum (PHILADELPHIA)

The mutter museum was found in 1858 when Dr. Thomas Dent Mutter donated many bizarre medical instruments, bones, anatomical and pathological specimens to the museum. The primary purpose of the museum’s foundation was to continue medical education in the heart of Philadelphia.

One of the museum’s most popular and known elements is the display of 139 skulls collected by the Viennese anatomist Joseph Hyrtl in the 1800s. They may say that dead people tell no tales, but these skulls sure reveal much history.

3) Darvaza Gas Crater also known as “The Door To Hell” (TURKMENISTAN)

Door To Hell in Turkmenistan
By Matyas Rehak/ Shutterstock

Around 40 years ago, there was a mysterious crater that opened in the desert of northern Turkmenistan. According to many people, the soviet scientists had set this crater on fire.

The strangest thing is that the fire is still burning even after 40 years. It is believed that the crater is the 6th largest natural gas reservoir in the world. It seems to be a pretty significant amount of gas to be burning for over 40 years.

4)  Jatinga (INDIA)

It is a small village on a ridge located in the Dima Hasao district of Assam state, India. Although it is a beautiful village with lush green vegetation and scenic beauty surrounded by serene mountains, it is not famous.

The village is renowned for its bird suicide mystery between 7 pm to 10 pm in September and November. They say that thousands of migratory birds are attracted to some light source that kills them.

Contrary to popular folk tales, the birds do not commit suicide. The villagers attack the birds, who use a light source to distract the birds and then attack them with sticks and catapults.

5) The catacombs (PARIS)

The Catacombs Paris
By Wyatt Rivard/ Shutterstock

Paris is the most romantic place in this world, but beneath Paris’s wonderful streets lies an ancient burial ground with approximately 6 million bodies put to rest. It is around 20 meters in-depth, and a catacombs tour takes about 2km in the distance. This place is approximately 11,000 sq.m in area.

6) Island Of The Dolls (MEXICO)

The Island of The Dolls
By doleesi/ Shutterstock

In Xochimilco canals in Mexico, there is a small deserted island full of dolls hanging on the tress. The island only has one inhabitant. Legend has that there was once a little girl who died while playing with her doll in the canals surrounding the island, after which the dolls began to wash ashore constantly.

This island’s only inhabitant and caretaker began to hang the dolls to the trees in the little girl’s memory. They say that some people once visiting heard the dolls whisper to each other. This place is considered the creepiest place on the earth.


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