Tuesday, October 19, 2021

To The Age of Living

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The past 10 years have seen an inexplicable change in technology, which is evident in all walks of life.

Take the example of the cellphone, and it has engaged our lives to such an extent that we can’t go out without it. Even payments can be made using these eWallets on smartphones. However, life wasn’t like this 10 years ago.dep

Internet Shopping was considered the most untrustworthy method of shopping in the past. But now we eagerly wait to place the order in the shopping cart and win crazy deals!

It’s a good thing that we are moving to an advanced future, and technology is opening many doors than we imagined. This is sure to continue along with the advent of Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. Not don’t need many years to make a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence. But all that aside, let’s take a moment to relish this age. People born in the 90s are the luckiest generations because they witnessed these changes and aligned themselves with the raging improvements in technology.

Only 90s kids know the transition from Doordarshan to Star TV and now HotStar!


Chatrooms are now replaced by WhatsApp.

Not to mention Orkut to Facebook and Snapchat.

Chacha Chowdhary was our hero, and Super Mario was our addiction!

Receiving Inland letters and postcards was such a delight!

Things were slow, but we never cribbed about it being slow. But now we can’t wait for our browsers to load, for the traffic to move; for our online orders to arrive. This fast-paced world has made us all impatient.



With connections across the world, and ease of access to just every service you need, right in our hand; things are easier, but do we wait for a second to really LIVE in the moment and not go with the flow; to observe the beauty of the swiftness without being consumed by the vastness of its presence? Amidst the chaos, there are moments when we travel down memory lane and think of the times when we really talked to people without any interruptions from our buzzing, busy phones.

Can we try to merge these two ages?

The age with fantastic technology but people with inadequate morale and the age of ethics and love but slower gadgets.


Martin Luther King Jr. said, “we’ve guided missiles but misguided men.”

We have taller buildings but short tempers.

30 Billion WhatsApp messages are exchanged every day, but 48% of the people still feel lonely.


Technology is meant to bring us closer to those who are far away from us but it has taken us far away from those who are actually close to us!

We have split the atom but not our prejudice, we aim for higher incomes, but we have low morale.

The paradox of this age is that the richest man in 2015- Bill Gates suffers from depression! Amidst the chaos of cleaning the air, we pollute our souls! I hear you ask, how do we bring out the change?

I’d say, its starts when each of us give it a thought, to be more aware, THINK of where we actually are and where we want to be!

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