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The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend

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If you are looking to buy your first gun or include a new one in your collection: keep reading, The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend.  You will surely enjoy your weekend in Ohio with fabulous Gun Shows.

Each year around 5000 Gun Shows are held in the United States of America. The National Association of Arms Shows confirms more than 5 million visits to these shows. These figures show the popularity of gun shows in the USA.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 1

Ohio is a destination for adventure lovers, cultural buffs, and foodies. Ohio river flows to the south of this midwestern state. Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus are three major urban centers of Ohio with cultural diversity. Ohio is also popular for numerous events and exhibitions, and among them, Gun Shows are also well-liked.

Ohio witnesses an average of 200 million tourists annually. Ohio tourism includes small and medium businesses, artisans, retailers, musicians, and Gun Shows. You may find gun exhibitors with over 25 years of participation history in Ohio.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 2

The biggest advantage of Gun Shows is that they give direct access to retailers and manufacturers. You have options to choose from a variety of guns exhibited there. You can choose what suits you. If your hunter spirit kicking you every time, you can find a suitable gun for your adventure. If you need a gun for home and self-protection, visit these gun shows for countless options. In a nutshell, these gun shows are perfect destinations for every need.

Here is a List of The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend:

1. Cincinnati (Sharonville) Gun Show

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend list starts with Sharonville Gun Show.

Sharonville Convention Center organizes the Cincinnati (Sharonville) Gun Show. It is located at 11355 Chester Road, Cincinnati, Ohio. The show displays a wide range of guns, gun parts, and accessories. It is generally held on the weekends each month.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 3
Sharonville Convention Center

The popularity of the show is seen with a huge crowd gathering at the center. The show also displays used guns, gun books, and knives. C&E Gun Shows is the promoter of the Sharonville Gun Show.

The entrance is just a few steps from the spacious parking lot. The convention center exhibits several tables of display for collectors, investors, and individuals. All firearms on display are restrained by being in glass cases or tied by a wire or rope. The show also offers gun repair and gun-smiths on site.

You can also discover Sharonville’s other attractions like parks, museums, trails, and war-memorials. Sharonville Convention Center is known as Cincinnati’s premier center for banquets, conventions, and world-class meetings. If you are a tourist in Ohio, it’s easy to find hotels near Sharonville.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 4

Sharonville Gun Show offers CCW training and classroom info. It is an added advantage to know practically about the arms. The 300 display tables exhibit shotguns, antique guns, holsters, gun cases, military items, and blowguns are available at affordable prices.

Admission below 12 years is free to the show. Disabled people have comfortable access to the show. Parking is also free near the convention center.

2. Medina Gun Show

The second name on the Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend list is Medina Gun Show. It was started in 1978. The show is quite popular among arms collectors.  It has a nice collection of Colts and Winchesters. With more than 450 tables for exhibition, it offers a vast collection of firearms.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 5

Medina County Community Center organizes the Gun Show at W Smith Road, Medina. Medina Gun Show is just a 45 minutes ride from Cleveland. It is promoted by Conrad & Dowdell Productions. Thousands of military collectors, hunters, and target shooters attend the show every month. It is one of the most popular weekend events in Medina city.

The Community Center at the Medina County Fair exhibits events all year round. It is situated miles away from the city noises with a vast area to offer. It is a popular destination for galas, concerts, and trade fairs. The hotel offers comfortable stays and sightseeing options.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 6

Here is a list of some diverse firearms available exclusively at Medina Gun Show:

  1. Remington 870
  2. Smith & Wesson
  3. Glock
  4. AR 15
  5. Colts and Winchesters
The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 7
Colts & Winchesters

The gun show also deals in accessories and parts of firearms. Here you can find parts for your AR 15 and magazines for your 1911 Government Model. There are several options for knife collectors with Case pocket knives and other popular gun knives. The best part of the show is the selling of firearms by dealers who get Firearms License.

Medina is a small city with numerous museums, boutiques, parks, and trails to offer. Visit Black River Trails, Chatham Historical Museum, Chippewa lake, and other sites for amusement. The city has an impressive Visitors Center and Drive-It-Yourself Tours.

Medina Gun Show, a remarkable inclusion in Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows to Attend, is a haven for collectors and antique firearms lovers. It would help if you ticketed pay for admission. The show is generally held on any weekends each month.

3. Columbus Gun Show

The state capital of Ohio weaves the thread of arts, science, and crafts for popular exhibitions. The most populated city of Ohio, Columbus is the center of multiple attractions and exhibitions, including the Columbus Gun Show. It has multiple reasons to appear in 5 Best Gun Shows In Ohio To Attend.

Columbus Gun Show generally exhibits on the last weekend of each month. Ohio Expo Center & State Fairgrounds conducts the show at Buckeye Building. The show is organized by C&E Gun Shows, a premier organizer.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 8

Located in 17th Avenue, Columbus, the Ohio Expo Center caters to 66,000 square feet of open floor space. Signs will guide you to the center from any corner of the city. You are well received by the parking attendants at the expo center. With an ability of 5000 guests, the expo center is known for trade and consumer shows.

Columbus Gun Show is one of the largest gun shows in Ohio, with more than 500 exhibitors. Generally, around twenty to fifty thousand visitors attend the show for a massive collection of firearms.  Firearms owners and enthusiasts love to collect shotguns, rifles, and handguns here.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 9

Columbus Gun Show is a pioneer in selling firearms ammo. You find a lot of stalls exhibiting carbines, cartridges, and holsters. It also displays collectible firearms, knives, and firearms for defense. A rifle for hunting or any shotgun for self-defense will surely find a suitable one within your budget here.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 10

Children under 12 are admitted free with adults. A coupon facility is also available for admission. The 300 display tables have modern and old firearms, with ammo for your personal needs.

4. Canton Gun Show, Ohio

Canton Gun Show is popular as Self Defense Weapons Fair. The show exhibits more than 400 hundred tables with pistols, airguns, rifles, and accessories on display. Around 100 to 500 exhibitors attend the show for the trade of new and used weapons.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 11

Canton, the northeastern city of Ohio, is known for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Just 60 miles from Cleveland, Canton exhibits world-class museums and sports leagues. Surrounded by beautiful parks like Crystal Park and Highland Park, Canton has significant historical importance also.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 12

Thousands of visitors attend the Canton Gun Show, one of the 5 Best Ohio Gun Shows to Attend, at the Stark County Fairgrounds, Wertz Avenue. Ohio Shows organizes the show quarterly on weekends.  The gun show is one of the premier guns and military shows in Ohio.

Security at home is the prime reason for a visit to any gun show. People generally look for home safety weapons and security systems at gun shows. Canton Gun Show provides complete solutions for your security needs. Exhibitors display a variety of home defense items, safety alarms, and security items. Customs and factory firearms for hunting is another eye-catching collection.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 13

Stark County Fairgrounds is an 800 acres site that exhibits indoor and outdoor events. Fairgrounds historic importance dates back to the mid-19th century. It also offers camping facilities. This fairgrounds has extensive car parking. You can stay at the hotels nearby and avail of numerous restaurants.

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Before reaching the final contender in The Best 5, Ohio Gun Shows To Attend, let’s have a quick look at the Dos and Don’ts at Ohio Gun Shows.

The main purpose of a Gun Show is the firearms trade for collective, and sporting uses. Gun shows are categorized into two types:

  1. General Purpose Events meant for general people for a variety of new and used firearms.
  2. Gun shows are exhibited only for collectors.

Only licensed retailers can take part in Gun Shows. A general-purpose gun show also offers gun-related parts, ammunition, and repair manuals. All the products are genuine. Exhibitors strictly follow the local, state, and federal guidelines.

The DOs

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 14

  1. If you attend a gun show outside your state, always check the federal laws before any purchase. Most of the states in the US have a waiting period for any firearm ownership. It means you need to wait for 1 to 14 days to take the gun home if you are not an Ohio resident, for instance.
  2. You must be 21 years old to buy a handgun or handgun ammo. Keep your identity papers along.
  3. Gun shows are weekend activities that run round the year. Always plan a gun show visit according to your free time.
  4. Compare the Gun Shows’ websites for a better understanding of collections.
  5. Always keep cash with yourself as sometimes due to technical faults, entrance is done through cash only. Also, at various gun shows, small vendors display exquisite items that require cash.
  6. Always plan your visit. Be clear about your purchase.

The DON’Ts

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 15

  1. Don’t carry any alcoholic beverages.
  2. Photography is allowed by permission only.
  3. Minors are only allowed with their parents.
  4. If you visit a gun show with any firearm to repair, make sure it’s not loaded.
  5. Never untie the guns at any display table.
  6. Always follow the rules and regulations of the show.

5. Akron Area Gun Show

Akron Area Gun Show is the final name in The Best Ohio Gun Shows To Attend list. This great place for general firearms buyers and seasoned traders displays 450 tables under one roof. Premier gun promoter,  Ohio Shows, conducts the show on the last weekends of each month at the Summit County Fairgrounds.

Summit County Fairgrounds, situated in Tallmadge, Ohio, is known for trade shows, exhibitions, and fairs. East Howe Road leads to the Fairgrounds, stretched to an area of 5-acres.  A parking facility is available with nearby hotels and restaurants.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 16

The show is mostly organized on the last weekends each month. Nearly 500 exhibitors display antique pistols, air guns, rifles, gun magazines, holsters, and other gun parts. Seasoned exhibitors and small vendors attract around 20000 visitors. Entrance is through paid tickets.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 17
Holsters On Sale

Visitors admit the show has a friendly atmosphere. It has a great selection of gun parts, ammunition, and accessories. Price is reasonable here, and many visitors find it superior to most of the other shows.

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After the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, the popularity of keeping and bearing arms has increased. Every region of the country is teeming with gun shows, dozens every week. These shows are safe exhibitions of firearms with 95% federal licensed gun sellers.

The buying process is quite simple at these gun shows. All you need to present your ID and fill a form containing information about your age, address, and criminal history if any. With the ease in the laws and various seasoned exhibitors, firearms purchase increases 4 to 9 percent annually.

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend 18

The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend have the best promoters like C&E Gun Shows and Ohio Shows. The beauty of these shows lies in the comfortable and hassle-free purchasing of firearms. They offer real experience with legal procedure, unlike the internet-based sellers who are mostly fraud. For your safety, collections, and hunting experience, you must attend The Best 5 Ohio Gun Shows To Attend.

Remember, Gun shows are huge public exhibitions that can be overcrowded, so it is essential to do prior planning. Exhibitors always try to maintain the atmosphere friendly, and we should also co-operate them. Gun shows have many visitors, and sometimes the line can extend up to 100 persons. It is advised to be patient at the shows.

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