The Distant Love

The Distant Love 1

Love is the connection that connects two people in a way that nothing other can connect them. It is a pious and pure bond based on faith, trust, and loyalty. Here is a poem that redefines love and how the person’s life changed after the bond.


The day was terrible, and everything seemed bad,
I went to the beach to make myself glad.
The sea was as charming as it could be,
The sky and sun were so beautiful for the eyes to see.
Still my heart was bitter because of my huge business loss,
Everything seemed dull and lost their shine and gloss.

The sun had to set, and it was about to get dark,
The sunset was like my last gleeful spark.
Night spread darkness all around,
I only heard chaos and cries in every sound.
The last ray of sunlight just went down,
Suddenly, I saw a kid standing in front of me with a bandaged crown.
She was as cute and innocent as a kid could be,
Running here and there, she was happy and carefree.

But oh the naive senses,
The darkness had covered her lenses.
She went running ahead, and the sea caught her in it,
It was sucking her in bit by bit.
I saw her being taken in the water,
I ran into it and jumped in to save as if she was my daughter.

With struggles and fights, I finally managed to take her to the shore,
The public had gathered to help and applaud me to the core.
A doctor and a lady rushed to me,
The doctor checked me and helped to take out all the water he could see.
The lady went to the little girl,
Hugged her and made her swirl.

We were soon made dry,
The girl was brave as she never gave out a cry.
The lady came to me and said Thank you,
The little kid jumped to her and stuck her like with glue.
The lady didn’t seem old either married,
But she did make sure that my heart gets away carried.

That night seemed exciting as her thoughts wouldn’t leave my mind,
I never knew I would be rewarded so generously for being kind.
The next day I was fully charged,
I saw her as my wife on my future wedding card.
I rushed to the beach as soon as it was time of dusk,
I became as sharp and alert as an elephant and its tusk.

Soon she came in the beach,
My heart raced all to her reach.
She saw me and she gave me a smile,
With that beauty, it gave me the energy to walk severals of a mile.
Jessica was her glorious name,
Our thoughts and attitude were just same.

Oh she was as interested in me as I was,
none of us could see each other’s flaws.
Time went on sand from hand,
Her company was like a magic wand.
Oh then we saw the time on our watch,
We had gone late top notch.

She had to rush home,
I needed to catch a flight to Rome.
Our paths went apart,
Both of us had to go on in the life’s cart.
We never met again,
Nor we ever suffered any pain.

All we had been sweet and soothing memories,
Never did we indulge in any of the worries.
She came and went like a festival in my life,
She was my girl, the one who could be my wife.
It was the era where there was no Facebook or smartphone,
We only had letters and the verbal tone.

I neither knew her address, nor she did mine,
With the memories, our lives just went fine.
I wish that the strangers conquer could have been longer,
I wish our bond could be stronger.
But this was what I call it as love,
Remembering each other till our souls are carried away by the white dove.



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