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The Helpful Guide to Why Are People So Indecisive!

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Why are you so indecisive? Why are people so indecisive?

The inability of some individuals to make decisions is not something to be taken casually. Being an indecisive person may seem like it is a personality trait, but in reality, it might be the consequence of some bigger problems.

If you are one of those people who keep wondering, “Why am I so indecisive?”; there might be some very crucial reasons as to why you are indecisive. In this article, we’ve tried to list down a few major causes as to why are people so indecisive. 

Believe me or not, you should be able to make decisions for yourself. Some decisions are undeniably harder to make, but you should still have the ability to choose from a pool of choices. If you have started to realize that pretty much all decisions, even if they seem quite small, are turning into major issues for you, something might be dicey.

why are people so indecisive
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  1. You Are Flooded With Choices 

Firstly, there is an immense number of options out there. So, copious that it can flood individuals and aggravate their uncertainty difficulties. Too many choices lead to the inability to make decisions. It’s like the sky is the limit, and we have taken the challenge. 

why are people so indecisive
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2. You Are Losing Sight of the Bigger Picture 

Why are people so indecisive? One of the reasons can be losing the vision of the bigger picture. When people are not aware of what the subsequent right course of action is, it is more often than not because they have forgotten the bigger picture. It’s essential to keep in mind what our ultimate objective is and then go ahead with the decision-making process. 

why are people so indecisive
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3. You Are a People Pleaser

Now, there is also a good chance that you may actually be aware of what you wish to do, but you are letting other people’s desires influence you. If you are well aware of what you would do when other folks were not a concern, then that is exactly what you want. Allow yourself to feel the guilt so that you can stop being a people-pleasing person to elude it.

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4. You Chase Perfectionism

Still haven’t found a satisfactory answer as to why are people so indecisive? Perfectionism is to be blamed. Many of us are obsessed with the idea of perfection. Making the right choice is extremely essential to us because even the idea of making the wrong decisions is excessively gut-wrenching to us.

“This constant stress comes from being brought up in families where right and wrong was of utmost importance and mistakes were never acceptable,” sags popular psychotherapist Karen R. Koenig.  To read about the downsides of perfectionism, click here. 

why are people so indecisive
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If you feel this is an issue that you are facing, then remind yourself that it’s absolutely alright to make wrong decisions as we are always wiser in hindsight. The only thing that is in your power is to choose the best out of all the choices you have with the knowledge that you possess.

To increase your chances of making the best choice and to reduce the risk of making a wrong one, Koenig suggests strategies such as planning and researching before you come down to a decision.

5. You Fear Taking Responsibility 

So, what are a few other reasons as to why are people so indecisive? 

Few individuals procrastinate or elude the decision-making process primarily because they do not wish to be held accountable if things go wrong, says Backe. Such individuals often permit other individuals or situations out of their control to decide for them.

While this may prevent you from making mistakes, this will also prevent you from learning and having control over your own life. It is worth messing up (as long as it does not lead to a crime) because making mistakes equips us to deal with people and situations in a better and more mature manner.

why are people so indecisive
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What Can You Do With Your Indecisiveness?

The question “Why are people so indecisive” really has a lot to do with the sort of upbringing they have had while growing up. Taking decisions is not simple for anyone, and it is extremely essential to remember that you do not always have to get it correct. We are only humans.

We are not flawless, and life is not flawless, and people and situations are not flawless. Not everything is going to fit in perfectly. You just have to choose a decision, pardon yourself for your mistakes, and learn all that you can from them.

Consistently remind yourself that a few decisions will not turn out the way you expected or hoped. You will make some awful decisions in life. Allow yourself to feel the sadness & eat that ice cream but do not stay in the emotional dumps for too long.

Learn from it and let go. It will take away the pressure of the decision being aware that it’s completely fine if it is the wrong one. We only become wiser after making mistakes. 

To heal from this sort of wound, start with the small things. Attempt to find colors that make you feel joyful. Try to experience changes in temperature and explore what your body undergoes every time it’s hot or cold or warm, and when does it feel just right.

Regulate your bathwater to what feels best to your body. Start journaling about the things that make you feel good about yourself.

There’s a saying that finding our bliss tells our truth. As time progresses, move on to discovering your favorite movies, books, ice cream flavors, vacation places, and things like that. Read different perspectives and journal about what you feel aligns with your way of thinking and what does not. 

Here’s to all the consistent people-pleasers out there – you & only you can make decisions that are right for you, so prioritize your own desires and dislikes. No one except you can make a decision as accurately as you can because this is your life. As an outcome, this will terrifically assist you in getting out of that trap of indecisiveness. 

Why Are People so Indecisive, and Is Procrastination to Be Blamed? 

Procrastination may be bad, but perfectionism is definitely worse. Stop waiting for circumstances to be perfect to get started because let’s face it, things can never be perfect. Begin small and learn to accept the truth that new problems will always crop up, but that is no reason not to start. Fall in love with the fight and not just the victory. 

Practice asking yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

The sooner you identify your fear, the sooner you are ready to come up with concrete-like solutions. This practice enables you to weaken your fears’ power to dominate your decision-making ability and aids you in the process of beating the indecisiveness.

Why Are People so Indecisive, and What Does It Have to Do With Depression? 

It is also argued that indecisiveness can be noticed in people suffering from depression. So why are people so indecisive, and what does it have to do with depression? 

One important reason why people suffering from depression may show traits of indecisiveness is that they lack the motivation to do anything. Motivation is often impaired in depression, and without motivation, the rewards of taking a decision are dramatically reduced. This may account for the procrastination in the decision-making process.

Decision making is impaired in depression, and therefore, it is said to be a physical problem. One research has linked gray matter loss in the medial and ventral prefrontal cortex areas of the brain to the reduction of motivation and loss of the decision-making ability. This loss of gray matter is observed in people suffering from depression.

People with anxiety may also suffer from an inability to make decisions. Thus, it is always good to reach out for professional help and make your mental health a priority. 

Stop wondering why are people so indecisive, and if you think there is someone who shows the traits that we have listed in this article, then try to help them by convincing them to reach out for professional help. Don’t struggle in silence. 

why are people so indecisive
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 How Is Visualization Handy in Decision-making?

When trying to figure out how to make difficult life choices, visualization can definitely take you closer to the reality of the various decisions. This, in turn, can give you much more clarity about the right decision. It can also provide you with the much-needed reassurance that a decision is not as significant or life-changing as you must have previously assumed. 

Mindfulness meditation can help a lot with visualization as it is one of the techniques of visualizations. 

why are people so indecisive
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However, even if you’re completely new to visualization, you can learn it quickly. Just close your eyes and take deep breaths until you feel relaxed. After doing this, use the power of your imagination to immerse yourself in all the possible options before you. Observe how your body reacts to every scenario. 

If you’ve come across this article in a pursuit to learn more about why are people so indecisive, then the above-listed reasons are some of the most paramount answers to your question.

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