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The Introvert Diary: What’s it Being Like One?

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Some of us don’t easily interact with people and some of us do this easily.

Is it good to be an introvert?

Or, is it bad not to an extrovert?The Introvert Diary: What's it Being Like One? 1

The life of introverts face a lots of problems due to their nature.The life of an introvert is not so easy.They are always misunderstood by people who don’t know them well.

They always choose to be alone over socializing.It’s hard for them to go to a party and meet new people.To interact with them is a bit difficult for them.But once they become familiar to others,then it’s not a problem.For this sometimes they seem to be unsocial.But the reality is not the same.

Are they good at communicating with other people?The Introvert Diary: What's it Being Like One? 2

The answer is a big ‘No’.They are not good at communicating.Especially,when it’s with new people or in public.They always get frightened when they are asked to tell something in front of public.

They prefer texting over talk on phone to new people. They never express feelings to other in a proper way.And when it comes to meeting with new people,they get nervous.

They are usually good at writing rather than communicating.That’s why they prefer texting to others.

Are they boring?

Not at all.Actually it takes time to interact with others for introverts.And once they find their comfort zone,then you get to know how cool they are.

Actually they are shy and reserved person.But it varies.They only open up to them,who are very close to them.Otherwise they prefer to be a reserved person to others.

Hanging out with a big group?The Introvert Diary: What's it Being Like One? 3

No.Home party with only close friends. They choose the second one always.They don’t like to hang out with a big group.They always like to hang with few close friends.They don’t like crowd.

Having 2-3 close friends

They don’t like to make a lots of friends and hanging out with them..They always like to stay in their comfort zone.That’s why they have few close friends and they always like to spend time with them rather than make new friends.

A long walk buddy or boozing buddy?The Introvert Diary: What's it Being Like One? 4

A long walk buddy on the lonely streets.Now perhaps it seems to be odd to you.But this is true.They are always a good ‘Long Walk’ buddy.Not so good as a boozing buddy.

So here is a small tip for you if you are thinking to ask any introvert to go on a date with you,choose a lonely place where the atmosphere is not so crowdy .

So if you meet an introvert,don’t think that he or she is a non-friendly.It takes time for them to get comfortable with you.Once they get,may be they become a close one to you.

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