The Newest App in Town Helps You Measure Your Bra Size!

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The world has a lot of reasons to thank Japan: Anime and Sushi being two of the major ones. The Japanese have decided that they want to give the world yet another unheard of gift and have hence come up with such an app that is guaranteed to shock everyone who hears about it for the first time. The app that has been invented will be used to measure a woman’s breast size. That’s correct, now there is going to be an app to measure breast sizes.

The developers of this app, which is called ChiChi (which is Japanese for boobs) have given a reason for this invention. They have said that about 80% (or 4 out of 5) women do not wear the correct bra size. The makers say that they understand that it is not easy for a woman to measure her own bra size and that not everyone has the time to go for a professional fitting to a lingerie salesperson.

The way in which the app works is just as unique as the app itself. For the app to correctly measure the breast size, the phone has to be placed between the breasts. The camera and a sensor which will be present in the app will measure the size. The picture shown on the site explains the process in three simple steps:

“Place your smartphone”, “between your breasts”, “and you’ll find out your cup size.”

The app will be available by January of 2016. However, it needs to be fine tuned before it’s made available in the market. To do this, the developers are recruiting women who are willing to test out the app. The form that needs to be signed on the website requires women to fill in their name, email address, cup size and a message of enthusiasm.

A feminist group in Japan has spoken out against this app. They have labelled the app as “something designed by men that women will have to pay for even though they don’t really need it.”

They also went on to say that a woman instinctively knows if a bra correctly fits her or not. “That is why you don’t see reports from doctors around the world about women complaining of chafing, itching or discomfort from ‘wrong’ bra sizes.”

There is a lot of speculation regarding the working of the app because the website has not specified it. The other problem is that the website asks the volunteers to mention what their bra size is. This goes against the entire principle of the website, which is to find out the bra size of women. The sample volunteer on the site shows the message “I think I have nice breasts!”. This would indicate that the site is measuring the quality of the breasts and not the quantity like it’s supposed to. The last problem with it is that even if a woman measures her bra size on the app, she will have to go to a store to try it on. These stores measure your bra size before giving you a bra to try on. That kind of defeats the entire purpose of the app.

However, let’s be optimistic, maybe it will turn out to be a hit, and people won’t be able to take their hands (more like boobs) away from the app!

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