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The Spookiest Game Ever: The Dead Poet’s Game!

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A self proclaimed book addict, who likes to read even while eating. Her favourite genre is thriller and she is a huge fan of horror movies. Apart from books and movies she is interested in languages and hopes that she will be able to speak mandrin fluently one day.

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Disclaimer: Play it at your own risk!

Unlike the name suggests, this game has nothing to do with the Hollywood movie “Dead Poet’s Society”. For all you paranormal junkies out there, this game is the real deal and the one that I would personally recommend to try only when you have gathered enough courage!

The Dead Poet’s Game was unheard of until the 18th century, when a truly talented magician, Alexander Kingsley from England performed this exact game in London theatre in front of a large crowd. Now earning a livelihood, as a magician can be tough especially if you are not innovative enough. Alexander, no doubt, was an exceptional magician but his business was running slow as his tricks were exhibited by him over and over again, so when he heard about the Dead Poet’s Game and he decided to perform it live in his magic show to prove that there were no such things as spirits or ghosts but what happened at the end of the game was something truly inexplicable! But before that let me tell you what this game is and how to play it.

This game is used for contacting spirits and asking them questions which sounds similar to the Ouija board. The catch here is that the spirit will directly talk to you (I really have no clue why anyone would want to play this game!)


For this game there are three things that should be kept  in mind:

  1. You must be alone in the room while playing this game, the reason for this is that there are chances that if there is more there one person in the room, like your friend, then the spirit would take possession of his/her body and this can be very dangerous as the spirit would then have full control over your friend’s soul and could make him/her do unspeakable things.
  2. You should be serious while playing the game. Any kind of funny wisecracks or casual attitude is not something that would be appreciated by the spirits.
  3. You must play in a room where a poet has died or someone with the soul of a poet has died, now by the soul of a poet I mean someone who is calm, collected and humble. The reason behind conducting this game in a place where a poet has died is because when you contact the spirit, it will often take the form of the soul trapped in that area and if you are looking forward to having a nice chat with the spirit, you obviously don’t want it to take the shape of a vengeful one.

Besides an empty room other things that you would require are a candle, a box of matchsticks, a table, two chairs, a bottle of wine and two wine glasses.

  • Now arrange the table exactly over the place where the poet had died, put the chairs on either side of the table, the principal chair is the one in which you will sit. After this, open the bottle of wine and pour it into the wine glasses, make sure that you pour equal amount of wine in both the glasses (this is like a peace offering). Next, you have to switch off all the lights and light the candle, the room must be completely dark and there should be no light other than that coming from the candle. It is better to play this game at night, close all the blinds and look that once you lock the room you have no means of contacting the outside world. No technological gadgets should be there inside the room.
  • Now comes the crazy part. After you have followed everything mentioned above, sit on the principal chair, call out to the spirit, raise your glass of wine and take a sip, if everything has been done perfectly then you would see a presence sitting on the chair opposite to you. Be calm, don’t show any kind of fear, it may provoke the spirit as this is a dangerous path that you are treading on. If even after calling out to the spirit the opposite chair remains empty, then blow of the candle, switch on all the lights, get out of the room and lock it, do not enter it until the next morning!


In case of the first scenario if the spirit is sitting in the opposite chair, you can challenge it to a match and if it agrees then you can begin by choosing which player you want to be. If you want to be player A, say clearly to the spirit that you are stripping it of letter A, then the spirit would be player B.

  • Now ask a question and when you receive the answer, take a sip of your wine, now you’ll be player B and the game would continue in this manner. After every answer, the person who asked the question has to take a sip, try not to get too drunk because spirits can be manipulative and may take advantage of the situation. Only drink from your glass.

The match ends when the wine runs out and the person who is player A at that point is the winner.

  • If you are player A then remain seated , the spirit will depart by itself. After the spirit leaves, blow out the candles, turn on the lights and leave the room.
  • If you are player B (congratulations! you have invited a whole load of trouble in your life just for the sake of a few stupid questions) then the spirit will blow out the candle and from now on wherever you go, especially places which are dark or when you go in front of mirror, you will always feel the presence of the spirit but under no circumstances should you utter the following words, ‘This soul is yours. It’s yours to do business with.’



Remember Alexander, the magician, who was discussed  in the beginning of this article? He broke all the above rules and conducted the game in a room filled with people. He cracked jokes the entire time and the spirit that turned up at his table was in fact, an evil one. By the end of the evening, Alexander, the magician had turned into Alexander, the raving mad man.

If there ever was a game that should never be played, this is it!

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A self proclaimed book addict, who likes to read even while eating. Her favourite genre is thriller and she is a huge fan of horror movies. Apart from books and movies she is interested in languages and hopes that she will be able to speak mandrin fluently one day.

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