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Doppelgängers Do Not Share the Same DNA!

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Do you know somebody who looks like you but is a total stranger?

If you have answered yes, you probably also know what the word doppelgänger means.


Two girls who are not related to each other but look-alike have decided to take a DNA test to answer the basic question:

Do doppelgängers have the same ancestors?

Doppelgängers = look-alikes


Doppelgängers are any two people who look the same or are very similar to each other; however, they live in different places, sometimes in different countries or even on different continents.

For a very long time, scientists and other people have questioned if these people are DNA related. After a DNA test, we can finally put the confusion and the debate to rest; they do not share any ancestors.


Thanks to, Niamh Geaney and Irene Adams, both 26, have found each other and have recognized their similar body patterns.

They have been asked many times if they are blood-related.

To stop the discussion and finally give a definite answer, they underwent the DNA test.

And the final result?

No, they do not share any part of DNA; they are not genetically related at all.

The Irish girls do not share any family ancestors

Ms. Adams, living in Ireland, has actually found two similar strangers on the website One living just a few kilometers far from her home, another one living in an Italian city, Genoa. Ms. Geaney, student and television presenter, and Ms. Adams took a DNA test to find out their relation back to 20,000 years in their ancestry.

The results have shown no chance of the girls being twin sisters, nor do they share any ancestors.


Niamh Geaney (left) and Karen Branigan Twin Strangers project MUST LINK: Facebook: Twitter: @twin_strangers Youtube: Website:

Ms. Geaney, the founder of the mentioned website, described herself as a “global doppelganger hunter” and says that “the results to determine whether the pair is related in any way was the one she was most worried about,” reported.

Not sisters, not half-sisters, no relation, says DNA tests

“This is the one that could show that we are related in some sense. And then what does that mean for doppelgangers?” she said. “Everyone who looks the same – are they related in some sense?”

The test results have shown that the ancestors of the two girls came from different parts of the world, so there is almost no chance for them to be related.

“Not sisters, not half-sisters, not even related up to 20,000 years ago,” Ms. Geaney added.


The project about looking for a Doppelgänger continues, and people can still try a chance to find a person who looks like them.

If we want to find a person that has a similar face, we have to register on the mentioned website, pay a registration fee and start the search.

Uploading pictures is the main task to do while searching for the ‘twin stranger.’

It is believed that everybody has at least one person on the globe that might be considered a ‘twin stranger.’

But how cool is it to know that person? To meet that person? Do you want to see yourself but not in any mirror reflection or pictures?

I do!


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