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BRICS 2017 In China

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The 9th BRICS summit was held from 3rd September to 5th September 2017. The summit was held in Xiamen, China and was attended by Jacob Zuma (President of South Africa), Vladamir Putin (President of Russia), Narendra  Modi (Prime Minister of India), Michel Temer (President of Brazil) and Xi Jinping (president of China).

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This meeting has been an important one, especially for India and China. There has been a lot of unrest between the two countries in the past few months like the Doklam standoff, border disputes, and many others. The two countries agreed to withdraw their troops from the Doklam standoff just a week before the summit. This summit was seen as an opportunity by both the governments as a chance to resolve their issues and give thought to the kind of relationship they want to have with each other in the future. Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping had an hour long conversation about issues concerning the two nations and according to sources, they have agreed to work together to sort out their issues and keep a warm relationship between the two countries. It was necessary for both the nations to find a common ground and this was accomplished at the summit.

The goals or the agenda for the summit were world peace, building a partnership among their countries, promoting international cooperation and show a united front against terrorism. The leaders have had long talks on all the above-mentioned topics and their discussions have been extremely fruitful. They also named Pakistan based terror groups like Lashkar as a terror concern. This is the first time that such groups have been named as terror groups in these discussions. In the BRIC declaration, these groups have been specially mentioned, which is a first. Usually, all the groups are collectively called as the Islamic state but it was not the case this time.

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It is important for all the countries to cooperate with each other and help in the development of the world. We need to stand together and work towards a better future. That should be our ultimate goal. What better way for the leaders of developing nations to meet and discuss the way forward. This summit was also an opportunity for the leaders to improve the relations between their respective countries. According to sources, the summit was a fruitful one with the leaders getting an opportunity to discuss and analyze different important issues. Hopefully, then have zeroed in on a plan of action.

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