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The Top 10 Benefits of Being a Lawyer

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Top 10 Benefits of Being a Lawyer

                                     A lawyer is a person who brings reform to society, with help of Justice. He is one who ensures to bring Justice in Society and in a person’s life. Today Lawyer is added with the word ‘liar’ or ‘fraud’. People are scared off by the name of a Lawyer, due to their high fees, their behavior, and wrong image.1

There are two sides to a coin, a bad and a good. Same way in the World there are two types of people, a bad and a good. And therefore, there are some Lawyers who do fraud, but not all. Due to one, all suffer.

  1. Law is a Silent Weapon and the Lawyer uses it to demolish the Crime. The lawyer helps to send criminals behind the bar.
  2. The lawyer is one of the Pillars of society.
  3. It is not the field where there is only money, but it is the field where a person has a relief that he has help, someone, to secure Justice in their life.
  4. In the field of law, we do not only provide relief to people but also learn many things from different cases.
  5. 24. The lawyer brings reforms in the society, by not only securing the law but also changing the law itself. In the Indian Constitution, there are provisions, where a Lawyer provides free legal Aid, by protecting the legal rights of common and backward class people. He not only gives legal advice but also gives socio-economic and political advice to the people. It helps to settle the disputes between two countries, or two States. He speaks for the fundamental rights of poor and illiterate people. Today there are so many fields, viz., Education, Medical, Taxation, Politics, etc having disputes, and to resolve these disputes they require a Lawyer.
  6. A lawyer helps the person to resolve their disputes and bring happiness, peace, and Justice in their life. The lawyer tries to protect the rights of a citizen. He not only secures Justice to an individual, but also to State and Corporate. There are many cases where a State is stood as a Defendant, where a Lawyer helps the State to be proved innocent and secure its obligations.
  7. The lawyer is a Guardian who helps to protect Law and Justice in society.
  8. An attorney is an important person, as he helps to secure justice. Being a lawyer does not only mean having a Name, Fame, and Money but much more than that.
  9. God’s Judgment is Silent but Lawyer’s Judgment Speaks.

Law says, let 99 Criminals be set free, but one innocent should not be punished.

10. Lastly, an attorney is the Architecture of civil society.

Law without Justice is a wound without a Cure.

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A Lawyer helps the Country in its Development by providing legal advice. He not only protects Law but also one’s Customs. He helps to reduce crimes in society. Today if there were No Lawyers, there would be No Justice in Society. A lawyer is a lifeline of the people in all aspects of life. A lawyer helps humankind to live life with dignity.

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