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Who is a Green Influencer?

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Who is a Green Influencer? 1
“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

Wendell Berry has quoted it right, making us realize what makes us connected to each other is our nature, our mother earth. The only cure to fight with the disease called “environmental pollution” is going green. A lot of people these days choose to be social media influencers as their career.

But how many of you have thought of being a “green influencer”? Covid-19 is deadly, but pictures of pollution-free mother nature circulating the internet point directly to our eyes and show, we all want the future to be pollution-free and green; sustainability, renewable energy, healthy lifestyle.Who is a Green Influencer? 2

Amid the global crisis, we have been forced to think, if the earth is healing without us doing our daily lifestyle, then it’s time to change and contribute to the planet that’s our home. Going green isn’t that hard as you might think, and thanks to the green influencers who show us the right path to do so. Yes, you read it right. There is a type of social media influencer known as a green influencer, and they are just lit. But who is a green influencer? Read ahead to know who is a green influencer, why and how can you become one?

  • Who is a green influencer?

Influencers are known to be experts in leaving a mark in every kind of audience. They usually are well informed, have a great taste, which others want to follow, and instead of too much professionalism, they make sure you connect with their contents personally. Influencers are the ones that make you want to develop their footsteps aiming for a better life. Be is fashion, lifestyle, or food influencers; they have one thing in common. The audience looks upon them as a guide to better living.Who is a Green Influencer? 3

Coming to our topic of discussion, a green influencer is an influencer who shows the path to a better life not only for us but also for all the living beings on the planet, including the earth herself. A green influencer focuses on the betterment of society overall, focusing on reducing pollution and finding ways to protect nature as well as a sustainable lifestyle. Green influencers are using social media platforms to promote the importance of going green and how it doesn’t affect your daily lifestyle.

  • Types of green influencers and why should I become one?

Who is a Green Influencer? 4
Pollution has decreased due to lockdown.

Did you know that #sustainablefashion has grown by five times in the last three years? The fashion industry was known as the second most polluting industry in the world. Thanks to the green influencers that the fashion industry is more focused now on developing “Sustainable Fashion.”

Reading the paragraph above did you think a green influencer promotes going green just by protesting against pollution, giving up using plastic, and planting trees? If you thought so then read below to know the different types of green influencers and change your minds. And if you didn’t think so, check the kinds below and let us know in the comments if we missed any kind of green influencer.

1. Green Fashion Influencer:

No green fashion influencers neither wear only green, nor do they have any dull fashion sense. Green fashion influencers are fashionistas but, in a sustainable way. Let me give you some examples of a clearer understanding of it. I am sure most of our readers know about brands like Zara and Gucci.

They are known to be the trendsetters in the fashion industry. But did you know that these brands are shifting rapidly towards sustainable fashion? The top brands of the fashion industry are making an impact by making their products in an eco-friendly way, and their products are made never to harm nature. But why are they doing so? Statistics say, 3 out of 4 customers are willing to pay a higher rate for a sustainable piece of dress.

An eco friendly sweater

The “push” industry is turning into a “pull” industry by the green fashion influencers. The brands are designing clothes according to the green influencers as the total worth of green fashion influencers is more than 8 million dollars. It is clear that their authority is undeniable.

The influencers can guide the brands appropriately according to the changing ethics and values of the customers. More than 85% of customers want eco-friendly and sustainable products. Going green doesn’t make you less fashionable; it makes you eligible to save mother nature along with being trendy.

Fortunately, more and more people are understanding the value of going green and the green influencers are guiding the fashion industry accordingly by making them realize the endless possibilities in being eco friendly and sustainable. Here’s a list of green fashion influencers to follow.Who is a Green Influencer? 5

2. Green food influencer:

I met a girl in a workshop, who has been a strength trainer for more than 15 years. During the workshop, she fell from an average height of around 6 ft and was severely injured. Isn’t it a little weird for such a professional strength trainer to break her bones falling from such a height? Yes, she regarded it as weird too.

Taking her doctor’s suggestion, she switched to an eco-friendly diet and started doing Yoga. So if you’re shaping up your physique, you should stop and think which option is better? Having a permanently good frame slowly but naturally or having a good temporary frame and regret later by suffering from severe diseases.

Who is a Green Influencer? 6

What I mean by eco-friendly diet is, having more greens in your diet. Plants are the best source of natural nutrients and minerals that a body needs. Be it fat, protein, or vitamins, our nature has it all in its greens. India is the land of spices, and we have a wide range of spices to make any food finger licking even if the food is mainly greens.

Green influencers like Adele McConnell and Elana Amsterdam influence people to pick up a healthier diet that helps an individual to develop better both mentally and physically. Moreover, their best seller books on sustainable diets will surely make your vision change towards your food habit.

Green diet can be equally tasty

3. Green travel influencer:

I am sure you might be thinking, travel influencer, and green influencer at once? What is that? Green influencers that promote the conservation of nature and wildlife can be put in this group. Green travel influencers like Bret and Mary travel worldwide, picking up the best travel destinations, and how you can help to protect them. According to experts, each year tourists’ spots gather tons of wastages due to the frequent visit by travelers. Green travel influencers guide you on how you can travel sustainably and protect your favorite destinations.

Who is a Green Influencer? 7

Due to the pollution created by the wastes from tourists, our favorite travel spots start losing their natural beauty, and without even noticing, we end up harming the wildlife of that area too. A piece of heartwarming news came amid the global crisis that the number of Royal Bengal Tigers have increased by 3 in the Sunderbans. For months now, tourism to Sunderbans is closed, and animals seem to be safer now. It’s time to not only think but also adopt a more eco-friendly way to travel, aiming for the protection of the travel spots and the nature around it.

Who is a Green Influencer? 8

4. Green Beauty Influencer:

Yes, along with your wardrobe, you can now make your make up kit eco friendly too. But how? Green influencers like Amanda Jo, works to make people aware of how and why it’s time to switch to natural beauty products. We all use beauty products daily, and most of us wear daily makeup. No, I don’t mean the heavy party makeup, but even the lightest of all can harm your skin, hair, and eyes severely only if it’s not natural. Daily used beauty products like shampoo, moisturizers, etc. affect the same.Who is a Green Influencer? 9

These beauty products, be it skin, hair, or for any other body part, are made with chemicals that slowly kill our cells. Studies show using chemical beauty products daily is equal to 5 pounds of chemical absorption by your body every year. This ultimately leads to severe diseases like cancer, allergic reactions, and what not! But don’t worry, we have got a green influencer to find the solution to this problem too.

Green or eco-friendly products not only enhance your charm but also makes you beautiful naturally. Think yourself if you want to make your beauty routine green and healthy or ignore the green influencer and keep applying the toxic carcinogens on yourself.

Who is a Green Influencer? 10

5. Green Lifestyle Influencer:

When Wendy Polisi started her career as a green influencer, she was taken as a joke at first. And today, she is one of the most followed green lifestyle influencers in the world. We are social creatures, which means we are born with individual responsibilities towards society. Be it, Natalie, from Sustainably Chic or Jennifer from Eco Warrior Princess, these green influencers guide us aptly on how to start being green from our homes and start a chain of change for the overall betterment of the society.

It’s correctly said that “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Green lifestyle influencers show us to live healthier, happier, and ways to save your hard-earned money by living in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. The icing on the cake, you will also contribute to protecting the mother earth.Who is a Green Influencer? 11

  • How can I be a green influencer?

Charity begins at home, and it is well known that a man’s home is his castle. So it is our responsibility to make our homes green first and then slowly you will be able to make an impact on the world with your sustainable ideas. So here are some essential tips for you to start becoming a green influencer-

Who is a Green Influencer? 12

1. Make yourself and your surroundings more eco friendly:

Follow the top green influencers and bring the change in you that’s needed to be a successful green influencer. What is unique inside you? Maybe you love gardening, or you can come with some excellent green lifestyle and health ideas. Find out your strength and work towards making an impact on the world with it.

Green influencer

2. Start an eco-friendly blog:

From here, your life as a green influencer starts. The start might seem complicated, but if you’re determined and work hard, it will be worth it. Nubia Gaona began to her journey as a green influencer from a small YouTube video on gardening at home, and today she has become an internet sensation.

Who is a Green Influencer? 13

3. Engage with your audience:

For any influencer to be successful, it is essential to engage with the audience. Stay updated with the latest trend and news and find out unique ways of doing everything sustainably. Tell them why they should adopt a greener lifestyle and why. Not everyone knows becoming a more eco-friendly person helps one to live better, along with saving money. Being a green influencer, it’s going to be your responsibility to guide them properly.Who is a Green Influencer? 14

I love gardening by myself, and I can bet staying closer to nature makes one a better human being overall. A green influencer doesn’t choose the career just because, in today’s world, his worth is way more than non-green influencers in his respective field. Becoming a green influencer brings with it the responsibility of working to create a better, eco-friendly, and sustainable future for all.Who is a Green Influencer? 15 With the increasing studies, we are being aware of the importance of going green. Be it giving up plastic, or the growing use of renewable energy, the future is bound to be green. On the one hand, when the world is fighting together against Corona, nature is using this opportunity to heal. Heal the wounds she has got from humanity even after giving them all the necessities for life. Pollution is decreased as we stay at home; mother earth is enhancing her beauty.

Following a green influencer and adapting the ways of a sustainable lifestyle is a chance for us to connect the links with nature that we missed in our daily work. As the environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share. Like the green influencers, let’s celebrate Earth day, every day!Who is a Green Influencer? 16

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