The 8 Good Things to Save Up For!

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Wondering what are some good things to save up for? Fret not! We bring you a list of 8 good things to save up for!

Little things help in bigger choices in life. Small steps help us grow as human beings. Similarly smart choices made in present become our saviour in the long run. Saving up is a noble thing and it can be one of the wisest things that you can do for yourself.
However, due to the excessive hectic schedules of this generation, it gets really problematic to keep a proper track of things nowadays.

Nonetheless, at some point or the other we all start thinking of saving our money and start planning so that they can be used in the future for proper reasons. However, it gets really difficult sometimes for some of us to decide which the good things to save up for and why.

A simple yet informative list can be maintained to keep a track of the important things.
There are various long-term and short- term happenings that you need to save up for from an initial stage of your life. If you are one of those people who need a little guidance on deciding the good things to save up for, you have come to the right place! Have a quick look at the list!

1. Health Care and Medication

The 8 Good Things to Save Up For! 1
We should never forget to take care of our health. However, when it comes to making a list of the good things to save up for, health issues come first. Therefore, saving up for future medication can be one of the wisest things to do as a teenager/adult. Another important aspect is that they are never predictable. It causes critical situations which require prompt action and backup from your part.

Health expenditure is increasing day by day. When the real problem arises, supposedly in the future, it will be nearly impossible to afford treatment without a solid backup that would be coming from the savings we make today.

It might seem like an over protective/exaggerated idea right now, but trust me, you will thank yourself in the future for saving a sufficient amount for health check-up. Even if not for major operations, you will need it minor regular check-ups once in a while. Regular health check-ups can save you up to hundreds and thousands for the future.

Taking little steps for self-care and a healthy lifestyle never goes in vain.
Also, health issues followed by a required treatment with sufficient medication do not come with prior notice. They always appear like our uninvited “guests”, hence it is for the best to be prepared for such disasters beforehand.

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2. Self-dependence

Self-dependence is both a long-term and a short-term goal in terms of being inepent in literally anything and everything in your life. It is an umbrella term that reflects several things at once. Depending on no one but yourself requires a stable financial and psychological stability.

It should be on top of the priority list of the good things to save up for. The first and foremost thing that anybody needs to become a self-dependent individual is money. Without money there is nothing one can do on their own according to their own wish. Asking for money in different occasions from different people can be really harassing for many.

Hence, the wisest thing to do right now, in our generation, is to start saving up for our future endeavours. No one knows what the future holds for them. In case of emergencies, or in general, what we save now will eventually become the saviour of ourselves in the future!

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3. Vacations

It might seem quite illogical right now but trust me, while dealing a hectic life with hundreds of different appointments here and there, all you will need then is a refreshing vacation to somewhere very far from your daily routined monotonous life!
Be it family vacations, a trip with your friends or a usual couples vacation, you will need money. The more you save today, the easier it will be for you to afford to have precious luxurious tours in the future.

Several recent studies have also come up showing how taking a vacation in the middle of an excessively hectic schedule can enhance the quality of our life in a magical way. Even doctors and psychiatrists recommend to go for small to large trips to their patients in order to help them become more stable and happier in their lives.

In those situations of crises, no one wants to deal with monetary problems for it may cause further psychological issues, for serious other words, saving up can save lives in the long run. Hence, it should always be given importance while planning and noting the good things to save up for in your life.

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4. Your future ‘home’

Arranging a place of their own is an essential and prime object in many people’s bucket lists. If you are one of those who have a dream of renovating their own apartments, you might need to save up from now onwards.

Many people find it difficult to arrange a place to stay on their own despite of having good jobs with sufficient salaries. In these cases if there is a certain amount of money, no matter how much it is, that has been saved by that person from their past, it will be helpful more than you can even imagine.

Arranging your own living space right from buying it, decorating it in an impressive way and then making regular renovations in order to keep it intact takes a financial and economic stability that can be easier with the savings.

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5. Transportation

The 8 Good Things to Save Up For! 2

It is one of the most important things when it comes to making a list of the good things to save up for to help yourself lead a balanced life. It is way more important than what it apparently seems to be like. It can be seen both as a short-term and a long-term goal that needs quite a bit of financial savings from your part. Be it paying your regular taxi/bus/auto fares or planning abroad trips in future, everything requires financial stability which gets way more difficult without a proper saving planning from your side.

On top of that, if you have a dream of owning your own car someday, you need to start saving up for it from an early age in your life. Having your own car means having your freedom of transportation. You do not have to wait for public transportations if you own a car by yourself. It requires a lot of planning and helping strategies.

Although there are various loans that are available in the market today, you doing your bit of saving money will always end up helping you in making your not-so-fancy and fancy choices.

6. Essential appliances

The 8 Good Things to Save Up For! 3
Who does not want a comfortable life? Who does not want a pampered life that only they can gift to themselves? Specifically, In today’s world, it is needless to say how much of a difference appliances make in our life on a daily basis. We are in a digital age and most of it depends on electronic gadgets and supplies.

A TV or a fridge, a washing machine or an air conditioner makes a huge difference in the standard of living of human beings. No matter how simply you intend to live, at the end of the day some comfort is needed to make you feel safe, secured and pampered, to some extent. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops are also essential parts of everyone’s life in this digital age. We can not even think of a life these days without sufficient and well maintained gadgets in our life.

Material needs require money. It is best to start saving up little by little every day so that it does not become a burden for us in the future.

With each passing day the expenditures of the appliances are increasing in the market. It is getting more and more difficult to afford even the most basic of the appliances for the usual middle class popularity, which is also the majority of our society.
Saving up a little, step by step, can be really helpful in the long run when it comes to leading a comfortable life both emotionally and physically.

7. Societal support

good things to save up for
Our society is our extended home. It is the major thing that provides us with a sense of belongingness. It is an important thing that plays a major role in our life, mostly without us realising it. It might not seem as a necessary goal while planning the good things to save up for, but it has a huge part to play. This is a long- term goal that might apparently seem to be a vague one. However, a close analysis of the basic facts including the type of society we live in, regular supports that we need to do, contributions we make in order to make our society a better place for the benefit of its individuals is needed.

We get all kinds of support, security and safety from some part or the other of the society. And all of us have some moral and ethical responsibilities to revert to our society.
Be it donating to the local clubs during the festivals they celebrate, or donating food/clothes/appliances and other goods to the ones who need it, all of it requires a financial stability on your part.

It does not necessarily have to be NGO works and it also does not mean charitable works, but it is basically the various little to really big things that we can help with in order to make the place we live in, a better one.

Enhancing security of your apartment, or celebrating Christmas or donating to the poor, everything can get easier if you have a little saving from your part.
In most cases, most of the support you give gets covered from your savings only and no external financial is required anymore. Therefore, it should be kept in mind as a viable option while you make plans as to what the good things are that you need to save up for.

8. Emergency

Emergency cases do not come up with a prior notice and they are mostly unpredictable. Another fact is that it does not have a fixed range up to how much it you may have to invest to sort it out. Also, it can be anything. There are high chances of things like maybe your car breaking or your laptop demanding for a servicing, or maybe your family members get sick where you need to contribute or maybe there is a funeral for you to attend, it will always be easier if you have an emergency fund.

Making an emergency fund is really necessary since nothing is as unpredictable as our life is. We need to adapt ourselves with the new changes that come up in our life. So, if you have an emergency fund to back you up in crucial times, life will be a lot easier than other people.

An emergency fund also ensures you do not have to panic about getting out of cash/short of cash since it will always be there to help you out in those critical situations. That is the reason it is called an emergency fund.

In other words, emergency cases can arise any time, in any form, requiring absolutely anything from your side. Medical, social and economic emergencies end up creating crucial conditions in our life and a little bit of planning and savings can help us a lot, way more than we can even imagine.

Keeping in mind the hectic lifestyle we tend to have these days, and circumstantially so, it is of extreme importance to maintain a balanced life which requires a chalked out plan to go forward. An essential part of it is the understanding the importance of the good things to save up for.

Those who fail to understand how important it is, often find it difficult to deal with especially in the crucial situations of their life. Considering how unpredictable and sudden our lives are, it is really important to maintain a proper list and act according to it.
These mentioned steps can help you have a smooth life ahead if followed properly.

What do you think are some of the good things to save up for? Comment your thoughts in the comment section below!

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