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The Top 7 Ways Girl Can Tell that a Guy Likes Her

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He is sitting there with his friends at the café, laughing and drinking a cup of tea. You are there too, with that book in your hand maybe, trying and repeatedly failing to make eye contact with him. The butterflies in your stomach have arrived and they are making it very difficult for you to think. You feel like the waves are lapping at your feet as you look at the sunset in the horizon.

Only, this time, he makes you feel like you can fly. Your eyes accidentally meet and you can feel your face going red. No, you must not let him see you blush. What if he doesn’t like you? That would just be awkward. But wait, did you just catch him smile at you, a tiny tilt of the lips and a slight curve of that gorgeous head towards you? Maybe, he does like you!

Wouldn’t you want to know whether a guy actually likes you or not before going up to him and actually spilling the beans (or those colourful butterflies) in front of him?

These are some of the easiest hacks that can make you get a grip around the entirely nerve wracking subject of the like me and the like-me-nots:

  1. That stare

This is pretty much fool proof, let me assure you because when that guy looks at you mid-sentence and suddenly he has definitely lost all his words, you must know that he likes you. He is trying to be cool and funny but ends up telling a lame joke because he missed the punch line, somewhere in the middle of the joke because he found that your eyes were glowing in the starlight. Seems rather cheesy now? It really is not.

P.S: Just make sure you don’t have ink or worse, food on your face! Just kidding

  1. The awkward and nervous phase

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This phase is not only a sure sign indicator, but also a rather adorable way to see the guy trying hard to catch your attention. In this age of people actually trying to seek attention through social media platforms, the guy who actually makes an effort to come and talk to you after mustering up enough courage, all to ask you out, is a true hero. Even if the hero in the picture gets all tongue-tied and awkward.

P.S: Be sure to appreciate the gesture and make him feel comfortable enough to open up to you. He might be as nervous as you are or maybe even more!

  1. The non-stop jabbering machine

If a guy is interested, sugar, he is going to be talking like a non-stop jabbering machine. Why? Well, that’s easy. He wants to hear your opinion on matters and all the questions he is asking are just to get to know you better. He is going to ask about all your favourites- the colours you like, the sort of trips you would like to go on, your favourite food, the song that cheers you up when you feel low, the singer you have that crush on, whether you are more of a GoT fan or a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan….. he is going to want to know everything!

P.S: Try to be as truthful as possible when answering!

  1. The texting fast dilemma

Have you been waiting all day for that text? Oh, 2 days? Forget it, sugar, that guy is not interested in you. The longer a guy takes to text you back is the farther you must get away from the notion that he likes you. A quick text, a good morning message, a funny video and him wanting to text you for quite a period of time just because he likes your company is an indicator that the guy may be taken. And by you.

P.S: Do not try to be fake when you text. Be who you usually are.

  1. The memory game

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This is how you can say if a guy genuinely likes you. If he does, he will remember that you said that the 5th of September was an important day for you or that you like pies more than tarts. And he will get you that apple pie you have been wanting for so long. Invite the cheat days, sugar! When a guy likes you, he will be attentive and he will listen to you going on and on about a topic he does not find all that interesting, without batting an eyelid.

P.S: Listen to him too with the same concentration and remember! It is a two-way street after all.

6. He teases you( like a lot)

Remember how guys used to pull your pigtails back when you were kids? Or relentlessly tease you and try to get you all riled up? That’s because guys never change from back then. The kid in them lives on and if a guy teases you just to make you pout and then pokes you until you laugh and decided to feed you ice-cream because his teasing backfired and you became sad, you have got a jewel on your hands.

This guy likes you and that too, a lot! He might be poking fun at you but he slips in comments like “you look so cute when you get angry” and tries to make you realise that he actually finds you cute in all situations. Then you can be sure he likes you!

P.S: Tease him right back, girl!

  1. That eye contact and those accidental touches

If a guy likes you then you will most definitely notice him staring at you when you are not looking or at least staring at the back of your head while you are sitting in front of him, maybe. Give him a 3-4 minute head start and then look at him suddenly. Did you catch his eye? Yes? Congratulations, that guy’s a sucker for you!

Try accidentally touching his neck or shoulders and seeing whether he moves away. If he leans in closer, you have a deal on your hands.

P.S: Make that eye contact with him if he looks at you headlong!

As they say “wise women say… only fools rush in….” , so take your time to evaluate his advances before going out on that official date.

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