Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The Warrior Princess

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She’s not an angel from the Bible

She’s not a princess from a fantasy

She’s not a warrior from history

But she’s a warrior princess of today.

She’s not in any famous war

Yet she fought the infamous deadly war

She fought against her life

Because she wanted her love sustained.

When the whole world said “don’t,”

she still stayed with her love.

She fought the war for him.

And she still fights for him.

When everyone around her slept,

she cried, voiceless biting the pillow.

When her friends played and enjoyed,

she fought day-night to get him back.

Holding him tight in one hand,

alone, she fought with the other hand.

She defeated all her foes.

She suppressed every pain and tears.

She is a warrior of life and love.

The only princess of past and present,

who fought to win her prince back

and still fights to get him.

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