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6 Things To Do Before 2016 Ends

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Nayanika Dey
Just your everyday perpetually cash-strapped teenager.

You might still think that there are months before this year comes to an end. But believe me, when I say it’ll all pass by in the blink of an eye, and you’ll still be the same you were. You’ve probably let go of your new year resolution so here are six things which are a must do this year:

  • Camp under the stars


For once, get out of the stuffy city air, get away from the smoke and smog and shrill cries of vendors and the pungency of garbage heaps. For once, gather a bunch of non-fussy friends and go out camping for a night. Stay in a tent, no mobile phones, no wi-fi, no cheap fast food and certainly no noise. Spend a night under the clear sky, look at the stars and simply relax. We all need a break, so get one before another year full of turmoil runs out.

  • Go backpacking

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Planning a trip is perhaps the most difficult part! So many holidays and you simply while them away on Facebook! Well, maybe it’s time to enjoy a low-budget vacation with your friends. Throw in the essentials and pack light and go on to explore the country side. Stay at B&Bs and hike along mountains, follow forest trails instead of the mall, breath fresh air instead of the air conditioned one. Take a break, and that’s it.

  • Help at an animal shelter



Animals are possibly the only ones who’ll love you with all they’ve got. So if you’ve got some time on your hands and heart in your chest, don’t waste time swiping on your phone but head over to the local animal shelter and volunteer. Not only will you receive more love than you van take, but you’ll also get to take care of the littlest of animals. Maybe you could even adopt one!

  • Visit a beach/hill station


For a person living by the beach, snow-capped mountains are a far-away luxury. For a person sitting atop one, the glistening sands are a wispy dream. So this year, stop complaining and get down to it! Visit the place and revel in it.

  • Throw a house party


How long has it been since you had a huge gathering of friends, free flow of drinks and a huge supply of food? Better late than never. Call them all, assign a task to each – food, drinks, decoration, venue selection so that you’re not over-burdened or exceeding your budget. Then, enjoy!

  • Learn a new hobby



So you’ve always wanted to learn French, but you’ve been putting it off since forever? Now or never! Before the year ends, engage yourself in a new hobby. It could be anything from sports to yoga, paper cutting, flower decoration, a new language, art skills, singing, dancing, calligraphy anything! Before the year ends, you’ll feel like a new person with more confidence.

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Just your everyday perpetually cash-strapped teenager.

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