7 Things Runners Should Never Do

7 Things Runners Should Never Do 1

Whether you are a budding or an elite runner, here are those things that should never be done by you as a runner. Read them, remember them and implement them in your daily schedule.

  • Never skip your Warm-up – “Warm-up is the fuel for your race”

Regardless of a beginner or a professional runner, people always tend to skip their warm-up sessions due to the time constraints they have. It is also tempting to head out full-speed for a run without warming up. A warm-up usually loosens up your muscles and joints and also gradually increasing your heart’s pace that will help you to run for longer time and greater distance. If you skip this session, you usually end up tired after running a very short distance and also it can lead to injuries in your muscles and pains in your joints.

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  • Avoid running on an empty stomach – “Add some calories before the race, burn them in the  race”

Always eat and run. Eat before running!? Now stop thinking of those heavy meals that you have everyday. Your pre-run foods consist of quick snacks like a Granola bar, a whole grain bread or a small oatmeal. Consume around 300 calories before your run.


  • Never rest less – “Rest is must”

“Sleep better to run longer”. As an athlete, you should always give equal importance to your sleep as you give for your workout and diet. A sound sleep of eight hours is a must to enhance your performance. It is said, ”The better sleep you get, the better you perform athletically”. So my dear athletes, do rest properly.


  • Never be obsessed with the numbers – “Numbers are just numbers”

“Numbers are always just numbers”. Many runners are always obsessed with their GPS and creating and breaking PRs. You think that does the trick? Nah! Not at all. Leave all these distractions behind, just keep running and try to improve your pace and speed. Yes, here’s the need with numbers but that’s just for analyzing. Try to rejuvenate your body and never bother yourself with numbers.


  • Stop running in the wrong shoes – “Wear the right shoes and conquer the world”

Shoes for a runner and tyres for a vehicle are what makes them keep moving. Stop putting on the wrong shoes to run. Choose the right pair of shoes whether you are going to sprint or run. A hidden secret is, the right shoes add an extra speed to you.


  • Never ignore pain and injuries – ”Health is wealth”

“There is a race tomorrow, and I have an ankle sprain. I will still run as the race is very important to me”. No! No! No! A strict no! Never ignore your injuries how so ever small they are. Irrespective of whether they are painful or not, an injury is an injury. Always consult a doctor and take proper advice whether or not you can participate in the race. After all, nothing is more important than your health.


  • Don’t ever underestimate yourself – “Confidence is everything”

Are you an underdog? No, you are not! You are a dark-horse indeed! That’s called being positive which is very important for an athlete.

“Be positive! Do rigorous practice! Have confidence! Run!” Failed? Duh! As if, that is the last race of your life. You have one another coming up! Be positive, keep trying and work hard until you conquer one.


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