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Things That The Real World Teach Us

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Monimoyee Chakrabarty
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For some of us, school life was amazing. For others, not so much fun. But everyone will agree to the fact that it was the easiest part of our lives. It was like being inside a protective bubble. After that, life happened. Some of us are still not over the transition period. We still do not understand what is going on. 

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Why did we go to school? We could have just read the books at home. Schools are supposed to be like a mini society. Kids are put in schools so that they learn social interaction, teamwork, etc. Schools prepare kids for the real world. But that is not enough. There are certain things that only the real world can teach us. 

  • People are selfish and that’s okay. We need to look out for ourselves. No one else is going to do that. One cannot depend on others to stand up for them. Everyone competes against each other and everyone wants to stay a step forward. The only exception is one’s family.
  • One needs to be patient and positive, not perfect. Being the perfect kid in school is comparatively easier than being so in the real world. What one can do is be patient and positive while dealing with the hurdles that life throws at them. That helps more than chasing after perfection.
  • Not everything is under our control and it is okay. Inside the protective bubble, things could be kept under control. Outside, there are going to be these things that we cannot control however hard we try. We can do nothing other than worrying about it and making it worse. And these are the things that make our lives interesting. Sometimes, we should just let go and focus on what we can do.
  • Quality over quantity. Real world is all about quality. We cannot deliver trash and expect to be rewarded for the sake of the quantity. Doing more may have worked in high school, but won’t help here.
  • Failure isn’t that bad. Failure teaches us things we cannot learn from others. Not everything we do is supposed to work out. Sometimes, we just have to understand what went wrong and do it all over. Maybe, the result will be better, next time.
  • Learning for our own sake. Schools teach us all the basic stuff whether we like them or not. In life, we have the choice of learning what we love. We learn not for grades or for passing the exams. We learn to make ourselves better, to make our lives better.
  • Importance of Networking. School gives us a lot of friends. After school, though, we start losing them. We realize that the number of true friends we can have is small. But what we do need is a number of acquaintances. We never know who can help us with what in the near future.
  • Multitasking. We used to complain about the amount of homework given to us back when we were school students. Now, we do not even get to complain. We have to balance so many things at the same time that sometimes, we find it hard to take some time out for ourselves. Somehow, though, we learn to multitask and succeed.

Life can be hard. But that’s what makes it worthwhile. 


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