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How To Identify a True Friend?

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Friends are our second family. When we are miles away from our parents and relatives and have no one to share our inner feelings with, it’s our friends that are our major support system at that time. Whether we are alone, upset, depressed, suffered a drastic breakup, our friends are always by our side like a guiding light. But in today’s generation, true friends are hard to find. Even if we do, we might get cheated or hurt later. Most of the times, the friend we trust the most becomes the evil foe of our life and does not hesitate to humiliate us publicly.

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Now how do we recognise whether the person we term as our friend is genuinely our good wisher or just a casual friend who might ditch us later in the journey of our lives. Here are a few signs of a true friend:

  • It is often said that true friendship is observed only during a crisis. A person always joins hands in merriment, but when it comes to taking a stand for someone, everyone backs out. The friend who is there with you when you need someone by your side is a true friend.
  • If a friend feels that you are wrong somewhere, he or she will immediately tell you that you are wrong, rather than talking about you or giggling at you at your back.  download (1)
  • A reliable friend always keeps your secrets and helps you out, rather than gossiping out your secret to hundreds of other people.
  • A friend is the best judge. People feel that if someone does not support you or agree to your wrong deeds, or does not support you when you know that you’re wrong, she or he is not worth being called your friend. But this is not at all correct. You actually lose a true friend in this misconception. Always remember that a true friend will never support you when you are doing something incorrect.
  • When everyone refuses to take a stand for you, it’s always a true friend who’s there, that friend will never let you be alone.

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