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10 Things To Follow In A Long-Distance Relationship #Masterhacks!

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If the most lovable movement of your life is when her hand is in your hand, and her eyes are lost somewhere in you, and you both feel this mutually, then BINGO!

You are in love…

I am not a relationship expert, neither a philosopher nor a professor of the chapter named love, but, believe me, the points that I have figured out after interviews and my personal loss are the mistakes that I made, and I saw many others making the same mistakes.

If you follow these, I can assure you that you will always be together and eventually even get a tag #madeforeachother.

1. Don’t be an animal jam

I know you love your partner and just want to be with him at all times, but chatting or calling them all the time is the way towards an end…!. Yes, you should have a routine or limit your chatting time, because if all you do is talk to them, then in a while you will get bored, and that so-called feeling of love will fade away. It’s simple “Be far to come close.”

I personally experimented with this, and it works every time under the same conditions. You can further test it yourself.

2. Do things together

do things together

Spending time with each other tells your partner how much you care. But do something creative like suggesting TV shows, or watch and hear the same music simultaneously. Read the same novels. These things will give you so many common things to talk about, and your choices and tastes will become similar, and you will be like soul mates, even if you are living far away!

3. Put some dirt.

Be possessive. Crack dirty jokes complement each other’s dirty side. It is seen that sexual tension is one of the major problems as far as my thinking takes me. But my dear readers, do not forget that sex is not only the biological need but it is proved that it affects the emotional side too, even if it’s the virtual or imaginary way we talk about here. So tease your partner through texts or in calls.

Compliment and share your fantasies…Grow up!

4. Plan a timetable

Yep! Ask your partner about her friends about her schedule. Keep yourself updated about her important dates like exams or any upcoming competition or anything related to your partner. This will help you, and you will know when your partner is free or busy or when to talk, or when to avoid conversation; otherwise, you will disturb her at the wrong time.

5. Be veracious.

This is one of the most important points: be veracious, be real, be trustworthy, call it whatever, but the meaning remains the same.

don't lie

You love your partner, you plan a future together, and yet you lie!

This simple mistake might cause a great gap between you and your partner as the smallest lie, if revealed, will force him to doubt anything you ever say again, and there are chances that your partner might turn into a spy and attention! Even ACP Pradyuman is nothing compared to a doubtful partner…!

6. Give buttery names to each other

Giving a small cute name with extra cheese to your partner is the best thing ever! Your partner will be obliged to hear that cute name from you, and it will feel like birds singing around, flowers falling, and the smell of wet soil…
Also, the name will always be with her forever.

7. Make memories!

make memories with your partner

Humans tend to find meaning in every little thing. As the human brain is designed to remember what it sees, so to be in your partner’s heart forever, give each other gifts as our feelings get attached to the smallest things given by our loved ones..!

8. Use a cheesy app to chat!

There are so many messaging apps in the android or apple store, so choose a decent application full of cool stickers. My personal favorite is ‘Hike’ as it has many cool stickers and is user-friendly.

9. Avoid double trouble!

Never hide things from your partner. I know there are some secrets which you cannot share with your partner. So listen to me very carefully; if you are not telling your partner, you dare not tell this to anyone else because if that thing reaches him through a third person.

This isn’t Mario; you will not get three chances to save your queen, not even two…!

10. Never be greedy.

Last but the main thing about the whole article, the master key.

-“You show need; it will be considered as greed.”

Yes, never let her know that you cannot live without her. It is human nature to stop caring about people who we are not afraid to lose.

So spend your time with your friends and family as they love you without any condition. Take up new hobbies, workout regularly as your body won’t ditch you…! And always have a plan B, as everything does not go the way we plan them out to be…

No love is unconditional…
Love is when you hit your dog, and he still comes to you,
Love is when your parents feed you, while they starve themselves,
Love is when someone is with you at your worst time,
Love is when you say bad words, but still, your partner smiles at you,
Love is when butterflies start flying around, and you feel Goosebumps in the stomach.
!!! तुझे पाने की चाह में इतना कुछ खोया है
की…! अब

तू मिल भी जाए तो भी अफ़सोस होगा..

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By Nikhil Attri

Originally posted 2015-12-11 19:49:59.

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