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8 Things You Wish Your Parents Knew

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There are so many things that we can’t directly tell our parents, things that they must know, but we can’t tell them.

Here is a list of 8 things you wish your parents knew:

1.We lie to them several times a dayparents

Parents should know that we lie to them for many reasons and several times a day. First, we lie because we know our parents will scold us for something we did or did not do or somewhere we went. Second, we dont always lie to hide things from them; sometimes, we lie to assure them that we have grown up and know that we are big enough to handle things and make decisions in life.

2. Times have changed

We want our parents to know that times have changed and that the world and society have moved forward, and things are different from when they were our age. If they studied all day and never saw the television, it doesn’t mean we too will avoid it. Instead, they should know that their kids have been born in a new age, and they should also adapt themselves to the changing times.

3. We want our parents to know that they can trust usimages

Just because children are known for making mistakes and falling into the wrong company doesn’t mean you don’t trust them. Parents should be aware that not all of us are like those spoilt brats that we see in movies. Parents should know that children today can very much be trusted. All they need to do is believe in them and support them.

4. When we don’t reply, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have one.

When we don’t respond to individual questions or comments, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have an answer. It only means that we are either guilty of something or the solution will hurt their feelings. Sometimes, we don’t answer because it raises further questions, which of course, we want to avoid.

5. Boys and girls can be friendsboys and girls1

Parents should know that boys and girls can be friends. If their daughter is talking to a  boy, it doesn’t mean that the guy is her boyfriend. They should understand that it is very much possible to have friendly feelings without a sense of love for a friend of the opposite gender. So they should not question too much and understand that everything is perfectly okay.

6. That phones are not destroying our lives

Parents should know that phones are not destroying our lives. In fact, it is making it easier. It is saving both our money and time. Whatsapp and  Facebook have made life comfortable. They should know that each time they see us with our phones, it is not always useless browsing but also important work ( assignments, research) that we do.

7. Letting your child follow his dream is not the worst decision they will makestrong child with muscles.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smart

Parents should know that letting their children follow their dreams is not as bad as they think it would be. Parents must be aware that their child can excel only in his area of interest, then why force him to stick to the career you chose for him?

8. Always keeping your daughters in their comfort zone will lead to their downfall

Parents should know that keeping their daughters in their comfort zone will ultimately lead to her downfall with the lack of exposure. It will cause a great lack of self-confidence. Rather, letting her find her ways and figuring out her things will make her a better acquaintance with the world and teach her to be a bold woman. Isn’t that what you want? we wish our parents knew it all..!

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