10 Things Your Girl Doesn’t Want to Hear From You

10 Things Your Girl Doesn't Want to Hear From You 1

Hey, all those guys who are confused about your relationships. Here are the top ten picks on what your girl doesn’t want to hear from you as part of your bond. If you have some of these “offensive” qualities that would be a hurdle to your bond, try to get over them as soon as possible.

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1. “…. My ex ……”

When you are with your girl, irrespective of the situation and your mood referring to your Ex in any way is not at all a good thing to do. Always focus on your current relationship by which you can avoid unnecessary controversies. It’s not about lying, but it’s all about being careful and strengthening your bond.


2. “Ah! My Ex did it this way the other day.”

The moments that you have with your present girlfriend are always the best. But, remember if you have already had any previous experience with any such moment that you are going through, just enjoy it again and stay quiet. It’s a strict no to tell her about your past experiences as then she would really be upset with you.


3. “You are becoming fat.”

Yes, it’s okay for you to suggest your girl to shed a few kilos of weight if you think she doesn’t look pretty now. But be careful while you choose your words. Never say that she has become fat or ugly, just try to remind her how conscious she was of her body and looks.



4.You spend a lot of time on make-up.”

This is typically a girlish thing. Every girl wants to look pretty and always wants to make herself up. Being a boy, I know it’s hard to understand this. So, be patient with her and never complain that she takes a lot of time in getting ready because the truth of the matter is that she is doing it primarily to please you!


5. You are being too emotional.

Every person has an emotional side; we’re humans after all. But girls tend to get more emotional at times, and it’s a fact indeed! It may be frustrating at times if your girl gets sentimental for every small thing and the solution is to, simply, be patient and support her. That is what true love is all about!


6. “Your friend is really pretty.”

Oh yes! Many of her friends may look pretty, but that is not what she wants to hear from you. What she wants to hear is, you talking about her rather than anyone else. Always, have a healthy bond and remember, in the long run,  looks really don’t matter.

7. ”No!”

Okay, I know you’ve got to say “no” to her sometimes, but as long as she’s being fairly reasonable, you can surely try and accommodate her wishes. Try to give her a positive response as much as possible.


8. “You won’t understand.”

Just because she’s a woman? Or because she doesn’t understand the depths of your soul? Regardless of your reasons, this statement will offend her. Remember, she always tries to understand you, she always does!

9. “I don’t believe you.”

This would be the most offensive statement if ever you tend to say it. If you have a problem, solve it! If you have a doubt, ask her! If you are still doubtful, question her again! Never, ever, say that you don’t believe her. The best way is to sit together and discuss the facts, get clarity on your bond and move on stronger.

10. “Your friends are a bit annoying.”

Her friends would be a bit annoying. They might end up taking your girl’s time that she usually spends with you or they may be boring, cheeky…… Try to get on with them because at the end of the day, who cares? You’ve got your friends, and she’s got hers. Your relationship with your girlfriend is totally separate from that that she has with her friends.


So, if you really love her, give her the best time you can and avoid making these mistakes!

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