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Three year old Baker makes Priceless Contribution to Mumbai Police

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Three year old Baker makes Priceless Contribution to Mumbai Police 1
Image source- KalingaTV

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop the enthusiasts and motivators from stopping their encouraging. They still kept on with their duty. Lockdown period has turned many into depressive beings.

The policemen are the unsung heroes who all are fighting each day to maintain social distancing and order. In return, when anyone does anything special for them, it melts their hearts.

As the world is continuing its battle against the Coronavirus, many videos were shared online based on inspirational stories and deeds. One among them gaining light is the story of a three-year-old child going out of the way to contribute to the weary Mumbai policemen. In an instant, the video received love and gratitude from the citizens.

The Mumbai Police Department tweeted the video online on Twitter. The video shows Kabir, a three-year-old boy baking cupcakes. At first, it seems he was baking for himself, but as the videos continue, viewers realize that he was baking the cupcakes for a different purpose.

The purpose shows that the boy is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who’s baking cupcakes to raise funds. These funds are to be donated to the Mumbai Police Foundation.

Kabeer’s initial aim was to raise Rs 10,000 from the sale of cupcakes, but he was able to cross his target and donated an amount of Rs 50,000 as a charity to the Police department.

In return, the Mumbai Police tweeted the inspiring story and conveyed how Kabeer made a priceless contribution with his own hard-earned money. They went on saying have every one ever seen a heart so big as this little Corona warrior.

As the post was shared online, it gained over 15000 views, 174 views, and retweeted about 143 times.

The tweets showed how Kabeer and his parents received praise and respect. The comments section was filled with words from small wonder Kabeer, great spirit positive vibes, inspirational, touching, and much more.

The little boy’s story became genuinely inspirational and touching among the hearts of netizens. He received blessings, respect, and love all over.

Due to COVID-19, there is a shortage of funds to provide for every other needy citizen. Police departments and other departments are trying their best to gather funds for every needy citizen.

Many people are coming forward to donate for the homeless and needy people through many means. This story of a little boy baking cupcakes alone to sell and earn only to donate is something to learn.

We citizens also should be inspired to come out and help the needy ones. There are so many out there suffering due to this lockdown period without food and money. We here should gather funds and do something extraordinary to inspire people to come out and help and also be helpful to the homeless.

This boy’s gesture towards the police department is lovely and innocent. If such a little child could work hard and donate, then we can also learn from his inspirational story and come forward to help.

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