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Tips for Any Desperate Guy Looking for Girlfriend

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Being in a relationship sounds and feels great. Most of your friends have one. When you are out with your friends, you mostly end up becoming the third wheel. That must hurt a lot, right? Everyone wants to be loved and cherished. Having someone to love who can fulfill your needs and love you back is everything one can ever ask for.

But making a girl fall in love with you might not be the easiest thing in the world. If you have never been in a relationship, or it has been a long time since your last one and you are dying to feel the love and spark again, fret one! A girl is here for you with some good (and free!) advice!

Here are top 8 tips for any desperate guy looking for a girlfriend

1. Don’t be desperate!

The first and most important tip for any desperate guy looking for girlfriend is that you need to stop being so desperate. You are not proving anything to anyone. Moreover, if you come off as someone who is too desperate for a girlfriend, then you will only drive her away. No one likes a desperate guy.

You should not look for a girlfriend for any other reason than finding love. Even if you are desperate, don’t let it show in your words and actions. Be sincere in your actions and try to be a gentleman around here. 

Remember one thing, you can’t force love to come to you. It will happen naturally. You need to be patient for it.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

Tips for Any Desperate Guy Looking for Girlfriend 1

The only way you can show a girl that you are genuinely interested in her is to look into her eyes when you talk to her. So my next tip for any desperate guy looking for girlfriend is to maintain eye contact when you are talking to each other. Now that does not mean you will keep glaring at her! You will come off as nothing but a creep!

Learn the art of eye contact and keep it balanced. Gaze into her eyes when she is talking to you or look at her when you are saying something. Not only does it show that you are interested in listening to what she is saying, but also it shows that you are very confident and smart. Even if you are showering her with compliments which you don’t mean (we girls love compliments, don’t we?) look into her eyes and say it to look more genuine. And another thing we all know is that ‘ishara’ with eyes talk way louder than words! 

3. Lend her your Ears

Tips for Any Desperate Guy Looking for Girlfriend 2

We all girls dream about an attentive boyfriend. In this era of 5 seconds attention span, it is really romantic to have someone who pays attention to every word you say and has a genuine interest in whatever you have to say. So my next tip for a desperate guy looking for girlfriend is that be that person for her who listens to her and you will find her automatically getting closer and closer to you. One way to show her that you are paying attention is mentioned above, that is, maintain eye contact with her. The second way is to nod when needed and ask questions or delve further into the topic that she is talking about to show that you are genuinely interested in her words, even if you are not. This much effort is mandatory if you want to win her heart.

4. Smell is everything

We are animals by nature and just like animals, we identify a lot with smells when it comes to finding a partner. So a bad-smelling person immediately sends a signal to our brain that the person is not at all mate-worthy. After all, that’s the end goal, isn’t it? So my next tip for a desperate guy looking for girlfriend is to try to keep body odors at bay. If you smell bad on your very first date, you probably are not seeing that girl ever again, even if you have hit it off very well. She is just not going to come back, ever! Yes, that’s how big of a role smell plays. 

If you somehow end up choosing the right perfume or deodorant, you may score yourself another date even if the first one did not end too well. If you smell good, you might draw her closer than ever and even to the extent of getting lucky on the very first date (if you know what I mean! *wink*) Smells work like magnets and you would want to invest in a good quality magnet, er, I mean, perfume.

5. Dress up

Tips for Any Desperate Guy Looking for Girlfriend 3

You must have heard people say that the first impression is the last impression. But I still can’t stress on it enough. What she first saw you in, will be how she sees you for the future meetings or if there are going to be meetings in the future or not decides this particular factor. So my next tip for a desperate guy looking for girlfriend is to dress appropriately when you go to meet her. Not just on the first date, but for every single meet.

No, you don’t have to dress like a model from Vogue. But don’t walk up to her in your pajamas and hoodies. Dressing well accentuates your looks and also shows her that you have put some effort into yourself to impress her. Efforts also look impressive, no matter how subtle it is. Put on a nice pair of jeans or trousers and a shirt. Make sure they are well ironed. A guy who knows how to dress well and carry himself is very attractive, irrespective of his looks.

6. Go slow with the skinship

Tips for Any Desperate Guy Looking for Girlfriend 4

This one is a BIG NO NO. Yes, she might be very very pretty. She might be extremely and irresistibly hot. You two might well hit it off right on the first date. But doing anything without consent will send her so far away that you won’t ever see her again. The most essential tip for a desperate guy looking for girlfriend is to not get touchy-feely with her too early on the meeting. Everything should take its course and happen naturally. You need to understand her sings too. 

See if she is comfortable with you or not, check how often she comes close to you or does any subtle kind of physical contact. If you rush too much into the skinship then you will come off as a pervert and you do not want that title attached to you. You have to first know if both you are on the same page or not. 

Girls sometimes like a guy to hold her hand or even kiss her but you need to know if the girl has reached that level of comfort and trust with you or not.  If you cannot figure her out, then go ahead and ask her. There is nothing wrong with disclosing how you feel about her. But you need to be respectful of her boundaries if she says no. Remember that consent is everything in a developing relationship. 

7. Don’t text her too often

Tips for Any Desperate Guy Looking for Girlfriend 5

Clinginess is super unattractive! So my next tip is for a desperate guy looking for girlfriend is to not cling to her too much. I get it that your dates are going very well and you can’t stop talking to her. But respecting her personal space is very very crucial. You should definitely text her and ask her what she is up to, but the frequency should not be like 15 minutes apart. She will get turned off unless she likes it herself, whose chances are less than ever, trust me. Keep the texting and talking to at least once a day.

That way, you can check if she wants to talk to you or not. Or if she is calling you herself or not. Distance does make the heart grow fonder and you will see your relationships growing stronger and healthier.

8. Sense of Humor

Tips for Any Desperate Guy Looking for Girlfriend 6

Cliched as much as it is, you won’t find any girl denying this quality. Attraction comes from happiness, after all. You can make a girl happy in many possible ways, but first and foremost, you need to know what makes her laugh, what makes her bring her walls down and let loose. So my next tip for any desperate guy looking for girlfriend is to impress her with your comedic skills. 

But don’t try too hard. No, you don’t have to be a comedian. It is okay if you are not a funny person in general. You can try to find fun in the most mundane things or try to make her smile as much as possible. One of the most attractive qualities in a guy is the charm of finding humor in anything and everything and the ability to lift up any atmosphere, without looking like he tried too hard. 

So arm yourself with some witty jokes before you appear for your first date. Again, no girl is looking for a comedian, so try to blend in your jokes with the conversations and look natural as much as possible.


Don’t be disheartened if you have not found anyone yet. If you are meant to have someone, you will find her sooner or later. So be patient and let love happen.


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