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Tips for Writing Good Theses and Term Papers

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Choose your topic wisely:

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In most cases, you will have topics given to you but in case you are asked to choose yourself, always capitalise on your strengths. If there is a particular area under a broad topic that you are interested in, do not hesitate to make the topic-specific afraid of the extra research. You can look to write my report on, if you want.

Plan it ahead of time:

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Now, I know most of us are procrastinators and until the submission date comes knocking on our door, we cannot bring ourselves to start writing. But, do it. It will help you in the long run. Try starting at east 10 days before submission and with a list of all the points you want to cover in serial order.

Do your research well:

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Research is your biggest weapon to supplement your notes. There is absolutely no substitute for good research. This is probably not the first time you are hearing this and will not be the last time that you do. So take as much notes as you can. Give your eyes a break, and also visit a library instead of just surfing through the Internet. Thorough research makes sure that your essay has no loopholes and is thus has an edge.

Do not fall behind on citations and footnotes:

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Never forget to take citation details of books while consulting them. Most of us have this tendency to stall our noting business till we finish the essay. I can tell you, if it is quite difficult to go back and trace them and create footnotes while you are trying to proofread the essay. Footnote immediately after numbering, and life will be easier.

Never plagiarise:

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This is an extension of the previous topic and is one of the most important advices you will ever get about writing an essay. The one thing the academic world looks down upon is trying to pass off someone else’s work as your own. It will never go off your record completely. Always give credit where it is due- that is a quality highly valued in the academic world.

Try to finish it two-three sittings:

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If you are a student, I know how busy your life is and that it is not possible to finish it one sitting. But two three 3-hour sittings should be enough to create the perfect essay you want. Your mind settles down and gets used to the pattern of work after an hour, and this is the time your work will speed up and you will even give new insights. Do not be panicked it if it is not turning out the way you want in the beginning, because that is what drafts are for.

Organize and present it well:

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Type it out in the required font and font size, underline your headings, italicize your quotes, double-check your footnotes and insert that bibliography. Do not compromise because trust me, professors care about the presentation as much as the content. If an entire class is writing it on the same topic, every parameter will matter when you are getting marked.


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